Interesting Subnet Issue

Pretty new to Roon, and I have it working almost completely. I think I’ve found an issue with the iOS client.

  • My Roon Server is on a linux box on 10.1.3.x and my iPhone and PC are on 10.1.1.x.
  • My router supports PIM-SM and that’s fully enabled and functional.
  • The Windows PC can always find the Roon server and it always works fine.

The problem is, the iPhone can only find the Roon server once after it starts up. If I go back into the app (i.e. after iOS kills it), it gets stuck at “Waiting for Remote Core.”

As soon as I restart the roonserver service (systemctl restart roonserver), the server appears in the app instantly.

Roon does not support bridging across subnets. So your on your own getting this to work. You can generally force a remote to connect though. When starting it up and it gives you the waiting message you should have a message that says Select a different Core Blue Button Click on that, next page click on the little help link. Then manually type in the ip address of the core and connect. It should then pop up for you to connect. It should then remembetr this going forwards.

Hi David
I am running an Android tablet as the remote but had similar difficulties. I too had the Roon ROCK server on a different subnet to my wifi network (Netgear Orbi). It always took ages to reconnect or required a new start. I turned the Orbi router into a bridge thus preventing it acting as a DHCP server. Everything was then on the same subnet and…problem solved.

That’s fair. All the other stuff (Sonos, chromecast, etc) all works fine because of proper multicast routing and snooping, it’s just interesting that it always works the first time Roon Server starts but not subsequent times.

Since I am running Roon in a (beefy) VM in my cluster, I could add another network interface so it’s on both VLANs.