Intermittent Navigation Prompts Play Over Music on Roon ARC - Android Auto (ref#E04H8L)

Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Device Integration (DACs, Carplay, Android Auto)

Description of Issue

Intermittently navigation prompts and notifications will play over the music, rather than the music pausing and allowing one to hear the navigation prompts. This may coincide with lockscreen controls not working properly. Force stopping ARC and resuming playback fixes it every time but the issue occurs randomly. It is troublesome as it happens usually over Android Auto while driving.

Roon Core Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Core Type

Unraid Docker

Roon Core Specifications

i7 12700K, 64GB of RAM, Roon runs on a Samsung 980 Pro SSD. All music files are local to the Unraid server and are exposed to Roon as docker bind mounts.

Connected Audio Devices

This is an ARC issue. I am using Arc on a Google Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13.

Home Network Details

Core is connected over ethernet, symmetrical gigabit fiber.

@support any updates on this ticket?

Can we get an update on this ticket, it’s been a while with zero acknowledgement. I deal with this bug daily.

Hi, @mackid1993, sorry for the long response. This ticket is with our dev team and they are investigating. I cannot provide a precise timestamp of a fix, unfortunately.



Thank for the update.

@ivan Any news on this bug?

Hi, @mackid1993, sorry but no :frowning: It’s still with the Roon ARC dev team.



@ivan I deal with this issue every single time I use ARC and have to Force Stop the app. Will it ever be fixed?

Hi, @mackid1993, yes, it’s an issue related to [Ticket in] B139 Lowering the music volume on incoming messages instead of full pause? - #13 by michael and we are going to try to fix them together.



@ivan Thanks for the update. I think this may also be related to native play/pause controls not working like the ones in the notification shade.

@ivan Can you please provide an update. This issue makes ARC unsuitable for use in a car and it would be nice to know the status. I first raised this in July and tomorrow will be December.

Hey @ivan is this something that may have been fixed in B222? I noticed that interruptions seem to be a bit smoother. Was something fixed with this? I’m still testing…

@ivan Is this something that is expected to be fixed so ARC can be used safely in a car without having to pull over to force stop the app?

Hi @mackid1993,

Absolutely. Reviewing this thread, I can see we’ve patched adjacent Android Auto behavior but not the particular interruption handling you’ve experienced.

Development is taking another pass through Android system interruptions - we have an open ticket to add improvement to auto-ducking and other system notifications.

This work likely won’t make it into the very next upcoming release, but it’s a realistic expectation for it to come through the pipeline in the next several weeks.


Thank you @connor this has been driving me mad and has being causing me to use SiriusXM more than I would like. I appreciate it it being worked on.

@connor I got the new update with the fixed audio ducking, but I had this still happen so far once where the audio doesn’t duck and navigation prompts play right over the music.

Just pinging this thread again. @connor @ivan while the new ducking is amazing now, I don’t think this particular bug has been addressed. I’ve already had the ducking fail and navigation prompts play right over the music without the music ducking for the nav prompts. As before force stopping the app fixes it for a short while

I think this is resolved after all. Today I noticed the audio didn’t duck for the initial GPS prompt but subsequent prompts were good. I’ve seen the same thing with SiriusXM so I think this is indeed fixed.

I actually had this happen again the other day, had to force stop ARC and reopen. :frowning:

This is still an intermittent problem in B237.