Internal Drives

I want to install internal drive in my Nucleus +. What type of storage is best SSD or HDD and what
makes of drives re recommended?

Thanks Jerry

Hi @Jerry_Deverell,

We have an article on Nucleus Internal Storage that I definitely recommend taking a look at. It needs to be a 2.5" HDD or SSD with a drive height of 7mm or 9mm. We don’t have any specific recommendations for what to buy as long as it fits those requirements.

HI Dylan
thanks for the reply. I read the Nucleus article but my concern is

  1. I think a HDD is more reliable but creates vibration and may not be able to set to stop after a set amount of time when not in use.
  2. SSD’s sometimes stops working after only a moderate amount use.
    3 I don’t know how to use the community to see if their is any advise from experienced Nucleus users.
    I understand you can’t make advice on Manufactures.
    Happy 4 July Jerry

Jerry, it is arguable you do not need SSD for the music drive, but it will probably run better and certainly quieter if you do. It is a price/HD capacity issue… the sweet point for SSD’s at the moment seems to be around 2TB (this will of course increase over time.) If that is the sort of size you need and you can afford one then I’d go for one of the Samsung Evo SSD’s. If you have more than 2TB of music then a HDD may be a more cost effective option.

This is not true. Modern SSDs have good wear leveling support and since you’d use it for storage of audio that you’d wrote once, it is impossible to hit wear leveling limits.

Hello I’m new to windows and nucleus. I installed a internal SSD and formatted it OK and activated it.
I’m trying to copy my library from a external usb drive to the SSD.
I went to my net work and entered \nucleus\data\storage\internalstorage results not found.


Jerry, presume it was the correct format for the drive? Also presume you tried using ‘smb://‘ before your path?

Internal drives are formatted using the Nucleus web UI. You get no choice on the format.

He’s using Windows. He doesn’t need smb:// – the paths work differently there.

It appears you have a Nucleus+ from your first post above, in which case the hostname is NucleusPlus, not Nucleus. The correct path is: \\NucleusPlus\Data\Storage\InternalStorage

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