Internal harddrive for streaming

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Having decided to use a RPi 4 as hifi streamer with Roon, the plan is to add a reclocker and audio transporter from Ian Canada.

What are the possibilities of adding a harddrive? I could just add an external harddrive to the USB, but are there any other solutions that is preferred (sound quality wise)? I’ve seen multiple HATs, but most of them doesn’t allow additional hats to be added, which I neeed (reclocker and transport). Are NAS servers and networkdrives fast enough to stream heavy lossless audio from, or what is preferred for the best performance, given I use a Raspberry Pi 4?

All input is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Regard, Christian

What is your core running on? Adding a hard drive to that would probably be best. Next best would be a NAS, assuming you can run ethernet to it.

I haven’t setup anything yet, still trying to figure everything out. So far I’ve figured out most of the hardware, still missing to choose an OS for the Pi but I’m leaning against the DietPi.
Being new to Roon, I was hoping to install Roon Server on the Pi, so that the Core and Output both ran on the Pi. Is that not possible?

I don’t believe there is a version of core that could run on a Pi, since it is an ARM architecture. Even if it could, there probably isn’t enough horsepower to do this with any performance. Typically, you want to separate your core and endpoints, with a fairly capable piece of hardware running the core (Mac mini, NUC, Linux PC, etc), and endpoints made from Rpi’s or whatnot. Personally, I run core on an Ubuntu desktop PC, which is on 24/7, and have several Rpi endpoints running RopieeeXL.

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You can’t run Roon on a Raspberry Pi. You run your Roon core on a computer. You can use a Raspberry Pi running Ropieee or RopieeeXL as a Roon bridge to your DAC. Or, install a DAC HAT on your Raspberry Pi and use it as your Roon end-point and connect your amp and speakers.

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As others have mentioned, a RoonServer does not run on ARM architecture. It requires an i3 or better CPU ( or AMD).

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Thank you for the advice. I guess is doesn’t make much sense having an internal hard disc in the pi then :slight_smile:

Is that even possible? But no, that would make no sense. You can plug a USB drive into your Roon core computer device with your music files on the USB drive. Or, you can install a drive internally.

I’ve seen multiple solution with HAT system adding 2.5” or 3.5” hdd.

I guess the new question is now, in the spirit of diy, what should I build for Roon Core to get an audiophile solution?