Internal Primary Key on Excel Export

If I’m utilizing my Excel export to maintain my own database or merge into a collection database it would be nice to have a primary key (like the “mb:” or “rovi:” entries for those platforms) in the export.

I know what you mean, I also use the Excel file to merge and confirm metadata details in a database.
Unfortunately the Rovi number is only available on identified tracks. The method I use to identify and link the records is by parsing the file path. Provided that remains reasonably consistent it works well.

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I spent most of my professional life deleting XLS spreadsheets from people who believe Excel is a Database product

Import the xls into Sql Server or Sql Lite and apply a Identity PK ?



Thanks, @Mike_O_Neill! I own a 20+ year old database and custom dev consulting firm and have many hours under my wings rescuing people from Spreadsheet Abuse.


Applying a primary key to the data after export won’t help me identify newly added albums, tracks or artists on subsequent exports from Roon which is wny I’d like their internal primary key exposed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for following along!

That makes sense (using the path as a pseudo unique identifier) and may be an adequate band aid in the interim.

I’m using FilemakerPro. Similar principle though.
Linked tables for Roon tracks, Roon albums, iTunes tracks, Yate, tracks, Albums, Compositions, Composers, Performers etc. Add embedded applescripts to update via iTunes and Yate and it all works smoothly. Having all my metadata in an external editable form gives a great peace of mind.

Ha! FileMaker is my spirit animal. My company is a Platinum Claris Partner! :slight_smile:

Can chat about it in DMs but if you’re up to sharing I’d love to see what you’ve built.

Awesome, message sent. (I hope you meant chat not shat :smile:)

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