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Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I recently downloaded Arc and have been messing around with it’s settings. I noticed today that on my internal storage, it is saying I have used 50 GB, Roon 0B and Free 69GB. I have not downloaded any music via Arc, as I have just been streaming at my office over wifi. Can anyone explain what the internal storage means? Is this Arc specific or does this have something to do with my core? Thanks for any help.


Hi Chris,

From what I understand, that means that 50 GB of your phone storage is used, 69 GB are free for use, and Roon is using 0 GB for downloads. Roon does use system storage for its database etc, but that usage is not reflected in the Internal Storage section, as that is just to show how much music you have downloaded via ARC.

The storage usage of the app (for databases etc) can be found in the App management section of your phone.

I’m with @Rugby. It’s a summary of your total iPhone storage from Roon’s perspective.

I’d guess you have a 128gb iPhone since you have 50 used + 69 free = 119 usable total. Mine is a 256gb iPhone and ARC shows I have 140 used + 98 free = 238 usable.

Rugby, thanks for the response. I did check my phone settings and nothing is using 50GB of space. The Roon app itself is using 2.32GB and the Roon Arc is using 516.8MB. It just seemed like 50GB was a large number and was just trying to understand where it was pulling that data from.

Brian, you are correct. I have a 128GB iPhone 13. Just seemed like 50GB was a big number for “used”.

That may be iOS, every other application installed and the data those applications use, photos taken, etc etc.

@Rugby That makes more sense. The way it was listed was confusing me thinking that was specifically Roon. Thanks for your help.

No problem. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. If I don’t know, I’m sure I can point you in the correct direction. :smiley:

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