Internet Radio display on Squeezebox

The Squeezebox display has two lines: during normal playback the top line with small font displays the artist, and the bottom line with large font displays the song title. This is great!

During Internet Radio, the top line show the title information that the stream provides. Typically in nice streams this is the song title and artist name. (Not so nice streams might display advertising, too.) This information seems the most relevant, so I’d like to have it displayed on the bottom line instead, with the large font.

Even cooler would be the ability to parse the stream title: it is often in a “standard” format like “Artist Name - Song Title” or “Song Title - Artist Name”. But this might need to be a stream specific option, and might fall into the category of excess configurability, really.

Currently the bottom line displays the static station name that I entered in Roon. This is not really interesting at all.