Internet Radio FLAC Stations Swap Meet

thankyou all - got it working.

A google search for jazz Flac brought up an article from October of last year indicating that Europajazz would be broadcasting in Flac. I couldn’t find a Flac stream on their website.

Anyone using their stream in Flac?

That is the station I want so badly but I found one link that didn’t work. Please post if you find one

From here, I could get it to play on my iPad (though not Flac) but Roon wouldn’t accept the url to add as a radio station.

Thanks - does anyone know if there are any BBC high res streams, I have been looking but not found yet. Thanks.

The BBC have ceased their trial, but were using a strange format. Brian posted about it here:

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Nice variety of stations there. I added them and look forward to trying them out.

Thanks Andrew! :smiley:

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What about Radio Paradise FLAC streaming?
Does anyone have idea how to make this link working in Roon?

Magic Radio Link does not seem to work

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See my post below prior to 1.5:

It’s down for me too. It may come back up, don’t know.

Hi Vule,
Yes, shame about that. It’s one of my favourite stations.

Couple of months ago I asked support team about dropouts and cut outs after 15,20 minutes of listening of their stations links in Roon (256 kb/ 320 kb) and they replied to me that happening due to Roon software limitations to handle sample rate change (48/44) and put all blame to Roon. Though, there was no problem at all with 128 kb streams.

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hmm having trouble with this… Am I to right click on the core software? I assume so. I get no popup menu…

maybe this has already been posted:

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You go to the internet radio screen on the core software - the station that you want to add the image to. Right click and you won’t get a pop-up menus but in the upper right you will see “edit” - click on that and you will see the same screen as when you originally added the station.

At the moment JB Radio-2 is streaming 192kHz, the interesting thing is that the stream arrives at my core at a rate of 2.5Mbps, but arrives at this computer from the core at 6.5Mbps, which is what you would expect playing a 192kHz file. It is almost like there is some MQA type folding done that the core unfolds and sends to the endpoint.

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