Internet Radio FLAC Stations Swap Meet

Roon 1.5 includes support for FLAC Internet Radio. Here are a few that are working for me. Please add others to this thread as you come across them. If you flag me (@andybob) when you find one, I’ll add it in to this list. There is another thread to exchange URLs for Internet Radio generally. This one is for FLAC stations in particular.

Radio Paradise
San Diego, California
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

JB Radio-2
Toronto, Canada
48kHz 16 bit FLAC
192kHz 16 bit FLAC

Eko des Garrigues
Montpellier, France
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

16/6/19 - Link not working

Absolute Radio
London, UK
48 kHz 24 bit FLAC

Absolute 00’s:

Absolute 90’s:

Absolute 80’s:

Absolute 70’s/Rock: 1

Absolute 60’s:

Intense Radio
Amsterdam, NL
44.1 kHz 24 bit FLAC

Los Angeles, USA
44.1 kHZ 16 bit FLAC

440Hz Radio
48 kHz 16 bit FLAC

Paris, France
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

Sector Radio
44.1 kHZ 16 bit FLAC

The Cheese
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

Rondo Clasic Klasu
Helsinki, Finland
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

12/5/18 - Link not working

Rondo Classic Klasu Pro
Helsinki, Finland
44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

17/5/18 - Link not working
19/5/18 - Back up again !

44.1 kHz 16 bit FLAC

8/5/18 - Link not working

Magic 105.4
London, UK
48 kHz 24 bit FLAC

Magic Chill:

Magic Mellow:

Magic Soul:

[Hi On Line Radio])

Note tat this thread is no longer being updated, now that Live Radio has been implemented.


Looks like JB-Radio 2 is streaming 16/96k Hi-Res lossless Internet streaming, sounds great! Hope more and more stations will jump offering Hi-Res internet streaming. This is a good start!


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1st class post mate, so much appreciated :+1:

Only thing I would say is Roon haven’t fixed the images fitting into the Station Logo


I am loving JB-Radio 2. It sounds fantastic, and the mix of fairly deep album cuts from many different eras is my cup of tea.

Yesterday it was streaming in 16/96, then briefly stopped working, then came back as 16/192! My guess though is that the site owners are upsampling their content (from 16/44?) before sending it out. No way they have that deep of a library of true hi-res material.

I’m a fan.


The should have some hi-res contents to stream otherwise up-sampling is a wasteful to bandwidth.

There’s no info on the JB-Radio 2 website about their FLAC capability and they’re not just a FLAC station, so I suspect you are correct about the upsampling.

I think all of these stations will have seen a significant uptick in FLAC audience as a result of Roon 1.5. I’d suggest we let them know who we are. Send them an email saying what you like and what you don’t; some of these stations FLAC capabilities are “trial transmissions” so feedback could be quite helpful.

It’s been very interesting finding these and comparing them. Sector Radio feels like an oligarch’s son’s plaything. 440 Hz seems to be distributed from various German teenage bedrooms. The Cheese has an FM transmitter that covers the whole valley ! Each of them is ultimately someone’s passion, because there’s zero commercial basis for FLAC radio.


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Really enjoying JB2 - it doesn’t show any information on the current track. Is it just me?

No, it’s not just you. I too am really enjoying their programming, but I wish they’d show track information. As it is, when I hear something that I like, I have to rely on Shazam. Not ideal.


Would love to see track info embedded in the stream, but when I have to know, I go here.


Thanks, Rusty. That’s very useful.

Thanks a lot for the list … sound quality is truly outstanding…

Great stuff - thanks for adding this thread and links to the various Flac stations - even one “cheesy” one from New Zealand!! Have been waiting to add this functionality for FLAC stations. I do agree with you, in that, most of these stations the content is upsampled - nonetheless its great to have this optionality!

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They have also a app with the playlist.
Here is a nice picture for in the roon database.


Roon database? How can I access that to add the pic?

Save the image to your computer. Right-click on the ‘station’, select Edit, the first option is to add an image.

thankyou all - got it working.

A google search for jazz Flac brought up an article from October of last year indicating that Europajazz would be broadcasting in Flac. I couldn’t find a Flac stream on their website.

Anyone using their stream in Flac?

That is the station I want so badly but I found one link that didn’t work. Please post if you find one