Roon and internet radio: disappointing

Until that glorious day comes when Roon can ‘mate’ with some Internet music providers…is there a Sticky Thread that has a list of URL’s people can share with each other?

Got it to work as one has to use this link which is low quality:

Pleased you found a link that works.

I think the BBC does limit the quality of overseas access.

I think it was Michael Moore who pointed out that in the USA you need a license for a gun and in the UK you need a license for a radio & tv.

Yes, but the UK license pays for the programming and so much more…

There are two. This one and another one for FLAC.

I have no argument with the license fee.

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Decent internet radio-something as good as LMS 08

I just ask for this periodically. Still can’t believe this has not been accomplished.



Also showing currenty song playing metadata from a radio stream would be appreciated. I realize that a a minimum first request people just want Radio browsing functionality.

IS this ever going to happen? Very disappointing given cost and promise if this otherwise excellent service.

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Agree Internet Radio needs to be improved. You should be able to browse one of the radio aggregators e.g. TuneIn and add stations. Plus partnerships with someone like iHeart radio.


There is work happening with Internet Radio. See Mike’s thread here and sign up as a Curator if you’d like to be a part of it.

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I could never get the URL feature to work

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for any station? I have dozens that work.

Maybe one station, but it sounded horrible, so I gave up. My streamers’ software is much easier to use when it comes to radio stations. But I have to say, after listening to Tidal HiFi and my own collection, I don’t have much use for compressed Radio Station signals.

Note that there are lossless (CD Quality) streaming radio stations. Radio Paradise is one that is popular.


Works fine here !!

Almost 2 years later and Roon didnt update their online radio offering?
Why do I still need to manual add some radio station, as for example TuneIn does a perfect job.
Even Bluesound has the tunein integration.

Can anyone Room related tell us if this option will be improved?

It changed massively in two years. There is a large database of stations to search and add them, you can request one to be added in the radio thread on the forum if it’s missing. Roon doesnt use Tune in. Internet radio stations come and go weekly so it’s hard to keep it up to date. Just request one to be added and if it can they will oblige. To say its not changed since this thread came about is not true.


I’ve requested a few over the past few months, always added quickly and with a smile :slight_smile:

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