Roon and internet radio: disappointing

(Christoph Eichenseer) #1

High all,

I am a great Roon fan - and a great radio fan as well. Not the best quality, but there is so much to explore via radio!

But I have to say: Roon and internet radio, that is disapointing. Coming from Linn and Roon had been a great step forword in usebility and sound options (DSP and so on). But the integration of radio is so far from the Roon standard. Have a look at the Linn TuneIn-integration.

I hope, Roon will improve the handling.


P.S. Sorry for my poor englisch.

"On The Roadmap" so far
(Chris ) #2

I have to agree. I have manually added the stations I mainly use (BBC). But you can’t explore. If I wanted to I would use the Bluesound app which has tune in etc beautifully integrated.
The only problem is ‘Hours in the day’. I find I just can’t do it all haha.


I too would like better internet radio integration, Roon were looking towards TuneIn … but alas:

(Christoph Eichenseer) #4

Hi Carl,
that is nearly 2 years ago. And: no - it does not have to be TuneIn. Every more handy solution would be fine.


(Jan-Jaap) #5

Maybe it could be a first experiment for a crowdsourced database, where all Roon users can contribute their favorites. It could be used as a testcase towards crowdsourced metadata, reviews etc.


Yes, definitely something to do in the future.

(Armin Moesslacher) #7

I find it rather embarrassing for Roon that my old!!! Squeezebox Touch and the OliveOne did a MUCH MUCH better job. To let the users add the streams manually is lets put it again this way: embarrassing!

Best regards from Vienna,


(Armin Moesslacher) #8

Better Internet Radio Integration still missing: embarrassing!


This was one of the main considerations I had when opting for a new annual subscription.It was mentioned.It is a rudimentary add on that fails to match the quality of other Roon features.It seems to have been left behind but it needs to be improved.

(Steven Haarlem) #10


Roon Internetradio functionality has to be improved asap!

(simon arnold) #11

+1 I miss the squeezebox iPlayer intergration was so good and actually being able to see what track is playing is essential.

(Philip Spencer) #12

+1 needs sorting

(John Bitwinski) #13

Can anyone update us on progress to replace the current “manual URL station input” method?

(Dan Bode) #14

I used the Cambridge Audio app successfully. Was simple to set up stations in an on line app. Browse by country, genre. They may be worth talking to.

(KL) #15

Yes, it is NOT good to manually add radio stations, this is VERY old school. I agree with the others, do some search possible searching like in iTunes og Squeezebox or whatever. It´s painfull to have to load iTunes, hit Command I (get info), and then copy paste the station into Roon.
This is definitely NOT how to do internet radio in 2017

(Rob Higginson) #16

Im getting a “unable to playback this channel. Its address may have changed or it may be temporarily unavailable” message with all my internet radio stations, is anyone else experiencing this?

(Geoff Coupe) #17

Not here - but then I only have BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 as my internet radio stations…

(Chris ) #18

BBC Radio 5 live has been ok all day today

(Rob Higginson) #19

It was my fault a cockup with logging in, thanks for your assistance

(Armin Moesslacher) #20

The OliveOne had an own database which got updated automatically. That’s how this should be done.