Roon and internet radio: disappointing

I proposed radioplayer as a possible tunein alternative without the legal complexities.

No response from Roon.

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So…when will we get better internetradio functionaliy? Is it not even on the roadmap? Sad

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For me, Radio Metadata is much more important (with Tidal integration)


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oh yea, moving from squeezebox to Roon is a large step backwards in functionality in many aspects…

Is better internetradio on the roadmap? If not why and what has to happen to get it there?

Seems some ignorance here by the Roon folks :frowning:

I started up my Squeezebox Touch today and could browse and listen to tons of radio stations by default.

Why not implementing a list import which is allows to browse by country or genre like a more then 10 year old device ???

I CAN ONLY REPEAT THAT THIS IS EMBARRASSING INDEED DEAR ROON TEAM for a piece of SW which claims to be state of the art.

I useCambridge Audio streamer their internet Radio is a search function it searches based on Location nitrate genre codec etc then shows you a list of stations that match and you can select and add them to your presets

I also use Cambridge great easy app for radio

May 2016: “In the future, we are planning to offer a full directory of streaming internet radio stations, so look for this functionality in a future Roon release.”

When is this future coming?

Again: Squeezbox Touch and OliveOne offered that YEARS AGO!!! So please speed up because 2018 is more than 10 years BEHIND!!!

To me it looks much like everything that is streaming related Roon does not want to implement as a ‚me too‘ solution. So they prefer to leave out what they cannot seemlessly integrate. Internet radio is quite unpredictable in terms of availability and quality. No radio station provides all wished metadata. So, Roon only wants to implement streaming offers that provide to Roon complete databases. As user we have to shop for a one software solution that handles all our music reproduction needs elsewhere. Therefore we still have to setup and run multiple servers and provide to our endpoints music streams through multiple paths in parallel (LMS, DLNA, Roon, Air, Airplay, Chromecast…).

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I dont know the history of this issue with Roon, but the lack of internet radio integration and the poor search function seem like trivial issues compared to everything else Roon offers. This is why it is so dissappointing that it has not been resolved.

Fully agree and Roon people have NOT been supportive at all regarding this topic. Only just add them manually and that in the “most advanced music server app” ?!

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Agreed that Internet Radio feature needs work. I do have one small suggestion. I have no clue whether this is possible. When I listen to Portland All Classical Radio, Roon shows the name, composer etc of the music being played, but later when i check my listening history, there is no info about the Internet Radio I just listened to. Say I was enjoying some music in the background while doing dishes and after that song ended, I checked my history to see what song was playing so I can look it up and save the album. But there is no history to check.

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New to Roon, I’m really disapointed that internet radio are so poorly integrated.
I thought to buy a lifetime licence but until this features is not taking into account, it will be a no go.

Still disapointing: no progress with internet radio in ROON 1.4

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Why no hls. It is much superior sound quality than AAC. Check out all BBC URL,s.

I was hoping that but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Internet radio is long over due hopefully more improvement can be done.

I agree with all the remarks about the basic set-up of internet radio. I also wish something fancy in the next update.
On the other hand: copy and pasting an URL isn’t that much of a work. I am glad I can enjoy my favourite stations through my DAC, amp and speakers to get top quality radio.

I am also very disapointed about that :frowning: I would Roon not call state of the art anymore.

And yes copy and paste 7000 stations (thats what i use on my Squeezebox Touch) is a hell of work when you have to do it manually.

I just need the information where or in what file Roon stores that info and if i can edit that file, then i can do it myself!