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(danny2) #1

It can be problematic finding a url for an internet radio station that works with Roon. Many stations have urls tied to a pop up streaming device , and those won’t work with Roon. Sometimes it can be difficult to find any “normal” url at all for a stream.

I suggest Roon add a pre setup index of Internet radio stations and their urls - much like what exists already in Logitech Media Server in it’s internet radio function. Then you can just click on an existing url from the list in order to listen or to add it to your library.

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(Andrew Cox) #2

Internet Radio is going to get more love (no timeframe announced) and there are interesting noises from the devs every now and then about user sourced information. I have no idea what that might look like, I just know they’ve been thinking about it.

In the meantime these two threads might help out:

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Roon and internet radio: disappointing
(Mark) #3

I couldn’t agree with you more Danny.
Roon is on the bleeding edge in so many ways, this (to date) isn’t one of them.

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(Geoff Coupe) #4

Here’s a bit more info on what is planned:

(danny2) #5

Sounds good, thanks.

(Tom Russell) #6

Is there a separate app to help find URL’s

(Geoff Coupe) #7

Not as far as I am aware. There are sites out on the internet for this, such as