Adding images to Internet Radio Stations

Is there a trick to loading images? File type or? My effort has been hit or miss.

I Google “[station] logo”, look at Images, open my favourite in a separate tab, copy the address into the Station settings. If that doesn’t work I save it locally, convert it to jpg and point Roon to it.

Was the file size and ratio question ever answered? Getting the logo to look correct is pretty hit and miss.

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They may not be the highest resolution, but I have found the Twitter profile pic for the radio station accounts look really good as they tend to be simple and iconic in style.

I’m using Roon core and an iPad as a controller- so I can’t point Roon to a location - stuck with the copy url from clipboard method.

Don’t really want to do a reinstall of the complete version if I don’t have to.

The URL method should usually work.

You can install the complete Roon on your computer and point it at your existing RoonServer Core. This will give you a Remote on that computer that you can start up and use for file management tasks but otherwise keep closed.

Thanks Andrew - I’ll give that a try.