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Quick question on Internet radio: With most of the stations I’ve added, including some very prominent stations like the Beeb, the stream works fine but no information is retrieved. Is this just because it’s new and Roon hasn’t stored info on many stations, or is this not working s it should?


Hi Jim,

Roon doesn’t provide any info on stations. Some stream URLs come with an image but most do not. Users can either add their own or create the station from a TuneIn webpage address, which has an image and info.

I usually create the station from TuneIn, edit out the long description and edit in any better quality streaming URL for that station.

Thanks Andy. I was referring to this, from the knowledge base:

Click Add Station, and Roon will retrieve any information it has about the station.

Hmmm, doesn’t reflect current capability as I understand it; could need an edit. Thanks for pointing it out.

This is an odd one out a Czech republic station that streams in lossless flac :slight_smile:
Not surprised it didn’t work because on the Radio station page it only mentioned mp3 and aac streams. It would be nice though to support flac radio. Hopefully they’ll become more common:

Roon gets its information from the stream itself–we can pull name, description, and website link assuming the stream includes the right metadata. Not all streams do.

(We can pull even more data if you drop in a TuneIn link, of course…but I’m assuming that’s not what you’re talking about here).

We don’t have a radio directory/database. That will come in a future release.

We originally intended to wait on Radio until a directory could be built, but we got feedback from many users that said they would prefer to enter URLs + data themselves than to wait for us to build a richer experience–so we listened to the feedback and released the smaller feature with 1.2.


I agree, flac for radio stream support would suit Roon very well.

A stream I like (but not playable in Roon yet):

For those who are interested, a nice list of high bitrate radio streams can be found here:

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And I’m personally very glad you did this.

After a little time invested searching the net and some copy and pastes, streaming radio completes the Roon system I wished for last May.
Plus a whole lot more than I expected, such as controlling it from my Android phone. What a brilliant year!

Many thanks.

I agree, flac for radio stream support would suit Roon very well.

Yeah it’s on our list…not hard to do. I wish there were more content out there.

I wasn’t aware of that one. Thanks for sharing it with me, since I’m a Jazz freak :sunglasses:

If anyone knows of any more flac radio streams, please post them here. As Brian said it’s not hard to do, though it’s a shame there aren’t more of them. I was only aware of the Czech classical station.


Yeah it’s on our list…not hard to do.

Can you please include:

  • Station Name
  • Genre
  • Now Playing

As this metadata is send with most streams is my experience :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you VERY much for enabling the radio experience before it was perfected. Perfection will come with time, IMO with many delighted users glad they had a taste before that was possible. Thank you.

But unless that time is soon, would it be possible to allow editing of station information? Like supplying an image for the station, were a suitable one not available upon initial station addition?

Thanks. :relaxed:

Right-click or long tap the station to edit it. Just note you can only add images via drag-and-drop right now, which means Mac/PC only.

Awesome. Thank you. Too bad my only control is an iPad, and it’s the image I want to change. Can’t have everything I guess…

Thanks though.

Don’t give up yet! :wink:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to convert lossy radio streams into flac stream that can be handled by HQPlayer for upsampling?

Hi John,

Yes, but I don’t think there is any conversion to FLAC in Roon. I simply select HQ Player as the zone to play Internet Radio and then set HQ Player to output DSD 128. The quality obviously varies according to the bit rate of the Radio station. I haven’t checked carefully whether it sounds better with HQ Player or not, it’s just my default zone selection and it continues to work with Internet Radio.

Hi andybob,

Finally, I made it work with enabling the crossfire function. The radio stream is converted to 24bit PCM and thus will be played by HQPlayer. I am very glad it works now. Thanks.


I would like to know where Roon streams its tracks from when the play radio is selected once an album or playlist is finished.

I find the non advertising/station ident quite adequate and enjoyable for general background music and sometimes just select one track to play and continue with similar genre for hours on end. Great for running in equipment for those that subscribe to the theory.