Internet radio on ROON

i can not get stations added even if i use tunein
can’t add wfuv fm fordham university’s station or any of syracuse university WAER fm stations or RADIO PARADISE
any suggestions

I can only say, maybe you are not adding stations correctly. I went from your post, searched in Tune in and added every station you listed in less than 30 seconds.

Using these URLs

@Rugby thank you so much-got 'em all
how did you find those URL’s on tunein or anywhere else

Hi bob!

I took your text “wfuv fm fordham university” and put it into the search on Tune In. It gave me the link, went to that page. Copied the URL from that page and put that URL into Roon.


step 1

then grabbed the URL at the top (highlighted in blue) Copy and pasted that when adding a station in Roon. Did the same steps for all three.

@Rugby yes that’s what i did and got wfuv plus did the same and got SU’s waer both the regular npr station plus the HD jazz station
the reason i like wfuv if you know anything about ‘freeform’/‘underground rock-FM rock’ it is where pete fornatale and vin scelsa of WNEW got their start and continued with their shows ‘idiots delight’(and vin on sirius until he retired) and ‘mixed bag’ well into this century-you can go to wfuv’s archives and still listen to their shows thanks again bobbmd