Internet radio stations in added "my radios"directly linked to diferent DSP/EQ parametric curves


I wonder if it would pe possible to have the possibilities to link and to swich automatically diferent EQ setups in corespondence with diferentt internet radio stations programed in “my radios”.
example: when I’m paying "radio Swiss jazz"to have active an EQ parametric curve and when I change to "Radio Paradise"to have active another EQ curve. and so on.
Because the sound of different internet radio stations is quite diferent.
And the acces to any DSP functions is dificult.

thank you

In what way?

Too many steps, no shortcuts, and no programable toggles/buttons in the main interface. Because the record is perfect for a specific stream, there is no need for DSP-like bass, treble, etc. Maybe a little bit of bass would be perfect for old recordings or internet radio. This is just an example. A fast mode to access some presets DSP would be helpful. One DSP setting is unsuitable for all files accessible through complex applications like Roon; a way for quick access to 2,3 DSP would help.