Internet Radio URL Swap Meet

Another listener-supported, no corporate sponsorship, very eclectic station. Several WFMU hosts got their start at WPKN, in Bridgeport CT.   (MP3 128K)

BBC Radio 2 country

I worked it out.

KUTX 98.9 Austin TX. It’s the local public radio music only station. Lots of good live music during major events like the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW (happening now).


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Any good world music stations? I have really been enjoying the Tidal playlists in this genre.

Not sure this has been posted yet …
WGLT Illinois State University

Blues (the best blues station on planet earth)




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I use for the last one, but otherwise: ^^ what he said. :slight_smile:

All three are 320kbps streams.

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And where did you get those great pictures?

pictures are here:

Great, thanks.
How did we ever live without the internets?
Just a series of tubes, and yet…

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All of the AudioAddict owned sites work correctly, too - if you are a premium member. They may also work as a non-premium member, but I have not tested that. I have tested many of the channels using 320kbps MP3 from within the US and the work very well. Not lossless, but pretty good for streaming music.

Note: I am not associated with any of these sites - I just like a lot of their streams.

Simply log in to your account at the sites below and go to “Player Settings”
Then scroll to the “Hardware Player Settings”
From there you can select your Channel as well as the type (AAC, MP3). I have found that the MP3 320kbps sounds better than the AAC 128kbps feed, but it is up to you since both formats work. A URL including your “Listen Key” will be provided and you can paste that into the “Add a Station” dialog. The “Listen Key” is what will let you listen to the higher bandwidth feeds. You can then update the description and add a picture to the channel there.

Hint on adding a description:
Go the the channel page on the site, and there is a nice concise description on the channel page. Simply copy and paste that into the description field of the “Add a Station” dialog.

Hint on adding a picture:
Go to google images, then search by site and channel name. For example:
“ cello works” will return the image that the site uses for the “Cello Works” channel. You can then either download that picture and import it to Roon or you can paste the URL of the picture and Roon will grab it.

This includes high bandwidth streams from:


Another vote here for the AudioAddict sites. I have the premium URLs working with Roon, and for listening around the house on Sonos gear, both with Roon and the Sonos controller. I find JazzRadio particularly satisfying. When I got into jazz (later in life) a few years ago it was a wonderful introductory tool for exploring jazz genres. I also prefer the premium MP3 over AAC, although the difference is not tremendous. At times I have to use AAC for the lower bandwidth because I’m in Brasil and the connection with AudioAddict servers isn’t always robust. I’m guessing they don’t have CDNs in this part of the world, since I have no trouble with Tidal Premim, Deezer, Spotify etc.

Does anybody know what happened to WNYC streaming link. It recently stopped working. All my other radio links are just fine. But WNYC no longer works yet if I go to their website I can stream live radio just fine.

This seems to work:

wow, great thread, love it.
i think internet radio will be a huge must have for Roon esp if it
wants to reach out to a larger audience.

i’m trying to import radio stations (cbc, bbc) but not having luck
tried it via tune in and roon couldn’t recognize the url…not even with tune in’s link
(2nd screenshot)

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Good one from Amsterdam, though mostly English music Top 40, Soul, Rock, Pop.
Good quality too!,aac

Shirley & Spinoza -

Freaking great, weird shit. Creepy and sarcastic. Alienated and inalienable.

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Has anyone figured out the stream url for The Lake Radio from Denmark (curated by the guys from Efterklang, a.o.)?

Very nice station, quite easy to find in TuneIn, but we need the m3u or stream url of course

This works: