Internet Radio volume

Why does Internet Radio play at much louder volumes than my music streamed from Tidal or from my ROCK-connected hard drive? The volume leveling looks to be engaged for the “Zone” which is my living room stereo whether I’m streaming my own music or listening to Internet Radio. My comfortable volume setting for my music is about 50. For Internet Radio, it’s more like 30.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference between regular and when it starts radio.

Hi Brice,

I am not sure if there is an option to set a Gain for Internet streams where are no leveling information exists. Roon gets leveling information from Tidal which is why leveling works with Tidal and analyzed local material.

That kinda makes sense. It certainly seems like Volume Leveling is not working with Internet Radio since I’m getting noticeably louder volumes. If Volume Leveling doesn’t function with Internet radio I’d at least like to see some explanation that it’s not engaged due to lack of information from the Internet radio stream.


I use ‘Volume adjustment when loudness is unknown’ to reduce Internet radio. It would be nice to be able to set a per stream value but at least this knocks things down.

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I had actually never notice that option, Larry. Thanks!

Nice tip! I adjusted the setting for when volume is unknown. That did the trick!