Internet Radio "Website" button

My suggestion is to add a “website” button (or link) to each Internet Radio station that opened the URL in the “website” data field in the station’s data (if present). This would then open your default browser with the relevant page.

This would help you discover what’s playing now or coming next. For example, I frequently listen to Radio 3 but Roon doesn’t give any information about what’s on. Being able to open the website URL ( in the website field from within Roon would make it much easier.

Maybe there is a way to already do this but I can’t find any way in which the website URL field is used.

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I also want to open a website from Internet Radio Stations.

On the “Edit Station” screen there is a section to enter the URL of the website.

If that is the case, I’d like you to attach a button to open the web site, program guide, track list page of the broadcasting station from “Internet Radio Stations”.