Introducing Nucleus One - the most affordable Roon Server ever made!

When will Nucleus One be available in Italy?

Somewhere end of June to Q3, see here and the following discussion:

Thank you!

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How will the Nucleus One compare to a Nucleus Rev B? I might be able to acquire a Rev B second hand from a hifi dealer but they seem a bit vague on the spec - eg memory, cpu, SSD etc. Are all Rev B’s the same spec, if so what is it? What would be a fair price for a second hand Rev B, in “beautiful condition” according to the seller?

Would it be worthwhile getting a Rev B, or wait for the Nucleus One to be released?

Thanks for any info!

The old regular Nucleus (not Plus) was recommended for libraries up to 100,000 tracks:

And the Nucleus One is also recommended up to 100,000 tracks:

Therefore, I’d expect that they have approximately the same performance.

The old Nucleus has no fan, the new one has one but it was said it should normally be silent.

A used Nucleus will have had some wear on its system SSD, so most likely you can expect it to fail faster.

You didn’t say what the used Nucleus would cost you but I think that’s the most important thing for choosing one or the other.

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Thanks for reply. My library is only just over 31k tracks so well within the capabilities of the old Nucleus.
As the seller is open to offers I’d be looking to pay £650 tops, but if the Nucleus One will be available for approx £400 in the UK when it goes on sale (soon?) the price of the old Nucleus looks pretty high if the performance will be similar?

I’d agree that the price for a used Nucleus should not be more (and better be significantly below) a new Nucleus One.


Thanks, I’ll just wait on the Nucleus One.

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Indeed. I wouldn’t pay more for an old and used model if the new one is cheaper. Also warranty comes to mind. Hardware can break or die at any given moment. So I would rather buy a new device covered in warranty compared to an old one with no warranty.


Actually disagree on this one.

You would pay 650 for an out-of-warranty Nucleus if you can have a new One for 500? Why?


It’s an off-the-market collectible?

Because, if you cannot afford £650 for the old used Nucleus, the higher power-consumption of it will also be to expensive. Then you must go to the cheaper Nucleus One which consumes less power and also have a full warranty. Isn’t that obvious. :rofl:

Kev67, I think we all know, with depressing familiarity, that US dollar conversions for hardware or software work the opposite way to expectation. I don’t expect the Nucleus One to be any less than £600!

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Also remember that in the UK the 20% of VAT is added before showing the cost, whereas in the US State and City taxes are added at checkout.
This has caused me many headaches while traveling over the years.


21% here in the Netherlands.

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any updates? Still scheduled to ship out by end of the month?

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Does anybody know when these will be available in the UK? I can’t seem to find any info.


Someone further up wrote that they got the info that it would be start of Q3. In the US they said end of June, but depending on interpretation this is more or less the same thing, give or take a week. So in reality nobody knows for sure

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