Introducing Nucleus One - the most affordable Roon Server ever made!

Ah that will be the reason that Roon doesn’t ship to Europe now.
We will have to wait here.

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That’s different from buying it within the Netherlands.
Edit. It also doesn’t answer the question regarding power consumption, if indeed it is shipping within NL. Roon Labs would have to give an efficiency rating AFAIK, may be worth emailing them.

Any news on a UK release date?

I’m conscious of a previous statement that pre-ordering would start Q3, which I assume will mean very shortly.

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@Vule: how did you find this, I want to pre-order but can’t get to that page, I can’t change the country, I only see “Free shipping in the USA”.
I filled in my address in the Roon store but nothing changes.
Could it be an Apple (Safari) thing? Maybe Roon closed that option.
I also hope it will be shipped from a European distributor, so we don’t have to deal with customs.

IMHO that price for European market is absurd.

It’s with VAT while the US price is shown without VAT.

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Even so, It still appears to be between €50 to €75 higher than you might expect or hope.

Yes, taxes are included.

We’re paying 21% tax here in the Netherlands.

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At current exchange rate this is equivalent to $585.69, pre-tax price. So this is higher than the $499 US advertised price.

Yes but it’s not quite as outrageous and quite typical for US goods in Europe.

I calculated using €1 = $1.09 and 20% VAT which came to €549.36 as a direct equivalent of the $499 US price.

21% VAT would increase that to €553.94.

Some EU countries (Denmark, Croatia?) have (or have had) rates as high as 25% which would work out at €572.25 :frowning:

What would the import duty be to import it from the US to the Netherlands, for example, and the cost of shipping?
Would there be VAT on top of that as well?

Maybe this site is just marking it up, there’s no price that it should be I suppose they will charge whatever people are prepared to pay

Yes, that would be collected in addition to import duties by the tax office

I don’t know and too lazy to look up computers in the import duties database, but you can find all the regulations here:

Seems in the Netherlands we are lucky :wink:

What website is this? WiFimedia in Arnhem are still showing the old Nucleus models (while saying that they are no longer available :upside_down_face: )

I think you missed the tax.
$499 i= € 544
Plus shipping is about €580
Plus taxis about €700
They also charge other costs like the cost to keep it stored.
But if it will only be €500,- I will but it immediately.

Disclaimer: definitive price unknown

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€1 = $1.09

=> $1 = €1/1.09 = €0.917
and $499 = €(499/1.09) = €457.79

Then add 21% VAT (I originally used 20%) and you get €553.94