Introducing RoPieee - A RoonBridge-to-go image for the Raspberry Pi

yeah I need to sort this out. We’ve got more people reporting issues with SD cards bigger than 16 GB.

FWIW I have got into the habit of formatting my SD cards with before burning an image. Prior to adopting this ritual I experienced similar issues more than occasionally.

Just tested and cold boot is still failing (no extension showing in Roon and frozen 1:12 displa) behind a VPN even though Roon Core itself plays fine behind the VPN

No issues when VPN is turned off.

Just a quick update: after yesterday’s issues with 64GB Samsung Evo cards I purchased a 16GB card today and installed Ropieee without any glitches.

I also installed a touchscreen and am experiencing the same issue as Sean2016 where indication got stuck and while clock runs you can’t control playback, even after reboot. I’m on 2017-06-16 beta iso with latest updates.

You can add Aune T1 MK2 to the list of supported DAC’s.

Hi Darius,

Did you enabled the RoPieee extension in Roon?

I just put Ropieee on my DigiOne Pi – works flawlessly. Consider it confirmed. :slight_smile:


Ok nice! Thanks @RBM

@RBM nice to hear that. What do you think of the sound from the DigiOne? What DAC do you use?

Somehow I missed needing to enable extension. Now I did and +1 happy Ropieee user!

It would help reminding to enable the extension in web interface where you type in the zone name.

Thanks a lot Harry!

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I offered a few impressions here, including the system in use:

Let’s continue there if you have more questions. I’ll be glad to answer them, but let’s keep this thread about Ropieee.

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Yeah I’m changing this as we speak.

Nice amp btw!

Hey Harry, I was just wondering if there is a way to get ‘now playing’ info to a Pi without using Roon Extensions?

It might solve this bug I’m having. Wizard mentioned he has this cold boot bug with no VPN on his network. So if it can work without extensions it might solve any cold boot networking issues.

I’m sure if you’ve already thought about this though and it’s probably not possible. Maybe ask Brian and Danny?

No this requires an extension. I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Afaik Wizard is not having this issue anymore.

What I’m going to do is change the extension so that it does a retry whenever for some reason it does not see a Roon core.

What is exactly the reason for you to use a VPN anyway?

If it didn’t work at all under a VPN I would tell you to completely ignore my problem and move onto the main release - I don’t want to hold things up.

But since a reboot fixes it 100% of the time it seems to be fixable. Plus Picoreplayer never had this problem with Roon and controlling the touchscreen.

But still if you want to move past this and out of the beta please do. I don’t want to hold up any of your other ideas for new Ropieee features if this is only a problem that I am having.

Even my dad is hassling me asking when is the cover art going to get bigger so he can see it. If I told him my issue is holding everything up he wouldn’t be too happy with me lol.

I thought Wizard doesn’t have this issue because he leaves it on and it reboots daily anyway (this bug doesn’t appear with reboots, only cold boots). But he last mentioned that he still has it on cold boot? @wizardofoz

This was 2 days ago but not sure if the issue is still coming up with a cold boot:

Ok for the last couple of days it’s not been having this issue, and is still showing this am as extension listed. But play has stopped on both the usb connected DAC’s to the 2 ropieee builds…one has the lcd and the other not. This just indicates to me that the timed restart is happening. Not an issue.

What I need to do perhaps is to return the lcd to its rightful location again in the bedroom and hook up the speakers again on the digiamp+ and turn the hat on again. Then feed back. But as I have a load of client stuff on this next few days it might not happen until the weekend.

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Ok. so you use the VPN from your Windows PC just to connect to work.
And whether that’s on or off influences the cold boot behaviour.


I’m working on other stuff anyway because otherwise this drives me crazy :wink:
But it annoys that this happens, so at some point we need to fix this.

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Yeh now that I noticed this pattern, if you can replicate it at your end, it might help with quicker debugging?

But it’s not a big deal for me to reboot, now that I know what’s causing this problem

My dad’s two Pi’s have been working well this past week for him, and he’s having no issues with Ropieee beta. Since he’s more of the typical user you want things working for, that’s a good sign.

Sean can you select not to route ALL traffic over the vpn?

Already is… Ropieee works fine through the VPN - no issues… except that it takes a Ropieee reboot, after a cold boot, for some strange reason.

As mentioned a few times before, no such issue with Picoreplayer (but that’s different, doesn’t use Roon extensions)

It’s only an issue with the Ropieee Extension on cold boot. It’s not even an issue with the Ropieee RoonBridge endpoint (HiFiberry Digi+ HAT - that works flawlessly all the time) - it’s only an issue with the Ropieee extension for the screen and only an issue with cold boot - fixed immediately by a Ropieee reboot.

Now that I know what’s causing it, I’m not too worried now. Because I know this isn’t something that will affect my old man’s 2 HiFiBerry’s running Ropieee - so I shouldn’t get any phone calls during the week “Sean, why isn’t my HiFiBerry and screen working?” - THAT is the most important thing for me lol

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i did a forced shutdown this evening and powered it down for a few minutes and back up again.

I did see the initial 1:12====4:23 screen for a moment then it was updated with the currently playing DAC track on the Roon Zone that is being controlled and the extn was also being detected.

So it seems either in this location without speakers attached things appear to be normal or Harry has tweaked something in the last 48-72 hours that has made the difference for me.