RoPieee vs Dietpi

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Rene, was there any specific reason for moving from Dietpi to ropieee, or is it just experimental/familiarisation? Just curious since I followed your Dietpi adoption and then went that route myself.

Having configured a few Dietpi’s lately a web gui for config would be nice but wasn’t sure of the pros and cons other than lack of static IPs which I prefer to use.

To be honest I have found no issues with either, but tend to opt or the most basic automated setup and ropieee seems to fit that requirement nicely, no terminal needed, no monitor and keyboard needed and no network configuration needed. If running a hat just set in the web GUI.

The lcd which is still in beta is getting there too, and while thee is still some tweaking to be done it’s pretty much there too.

RoPieee does not (yet?) support WiFi connections. OTOH, the LCD touchscreen support is very attractive. The upshot is that I’m using both DietPi and RoPiee in my setup.

Argh, having already spent the time in ssh setting up dietpi (no monitor needed btw) I’m tempted to try this. But no spare sd cards…

Also, why’s it called ropieee? :slight_smile: just for fun or it’s an acronym?

I flicked through the main topic but didn’t catch it if it was there.

I like the ropieee touchscreen support but don’t like lack of Spotify connect hence I use ropieee as a remote and dietpi with roonbridge and Spotify connect on another RPi. means I use 2 RPis but hey they are cheap enough and the dietpi one is hidden behind the screen.

I asked this in another thread, but no reply so far.

DietPi has really straightforward support for HQPlayer NAA; it seems that Ropieee does not. OTOH, Ropieee has native DSD support, but DietPi does not*…

* v153 release notes are not yet up.

The DietPi beta for x86_64 could potentially be interesting if it were possible to install RoonServer instead of RoonBridge. In that case, using linux to run Roon on a ROCK-incompatible system might be possible (or alternately if one wanted something almost as simple as ROCK, but with a bit more configurability).

@Dan_Knight, any word on what it would take to add RoonServer to the software options for x86_64 systems? I know little enough about linux to even estimate the level of difficulty, especially considering the wide range of x86 system configurations and drivers compared with something like an RPi.

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I did not had that much time this week, so during the weekend I’ll write an introduction which also ‘explains’ the name :wink:

Anyways, I think the most important thing to mention (for this thread at least) is that RoPieee and DietPi are totally different beasts. DietPi is a very versatile distribution with a lot of functionality (and I love it). RoPieee is actually not a distribution. It has a single purpose, acting like RAAT-capable end-point, where the target audience are those people that do want to run a cheap endpoint based on RPi hardware, but don’t have (any) computer skills.

So this is for example the reason why functionality like Spotify support will not land in RoPieee, at least for now.

Hope this clarifies a few things!

Regards Harry


I would compare ropieee to rock where both are highly specific to running roon use. Rock as a core and and ropieee as an endpoint for bridge and raat.

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But as well as an image for people with little or no computer skills RoPieee offers touchscreen support which is pretty unique in Roon endpoints!


Hi Jim,

Great suggestion, i’ll take a look and see if we can add Roon Server for x86_64 systems.

Our VM image has audio systems disabled (designed for server use only), but this should work great with our Native PC beta image.


I live in hope for Spotify.