Introducing the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe

It‘s getting exciting - released. The Latest Hardware Version of the opticalModule Deluxe is Back in Stock - YouTube

Thanks @Markus_Hubner we are getting a lot of positive feed back from this video and also from customers receiving the new opticalModule

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Looks like a great product @agillis - What I need to understand where are the benefits compared to this “simple” ($) solution. Roughly I would have pay 10 times more compared the solution below. But if there are some clear benefits I would probably do that.



The opticalModule will replace the FMC (labeled Gigabit Ethernet media converter in your diagram)

The FMC you are using now is a basic off the shelf one. It has a lot of switching supplies and is feeding noise to your Linn.

Thanks @agillis - It would be nice and helpful, if you could provide me with a “noise” level comparison (measurement) between the “basic off the self” and the opticalModule. I assume you have that. Would help me a lot in my purchase decision.

Thanks - looking forward to the information.


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@Jesus_Rodriguez - Hi Jesus - Can you help with the information?

Have great WE


I had a generic FMC before too and the switch to oM V2 was great - and also the SFPs have an impact, using a Finisar.

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Torben, the information on our website is what we are making available to the public.

If cost is a big factor in your decision I would look at optimizing what you can with your existing system. In that respect, you have multiple copper wires between the unit and your audio device so I would pay close attention to the power supply.

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That is an interesting argument “If cost is a big factor in your decision …”. I will have to remember that.

If you look at my current setup - see above - than you would see that cost is not a big issue. Value compared to other solutions is the issue. If you product brings more value, compared to other solutions, I would love to buy your product. That is why I am just asking for information - see above.

But never mind - Thanks for your tip to pay attention to the power supply.

Have a nice WE


If, but if not, by all means try it out. I can tell you what I think, but you are the only person in a position to decide it’s value.

So you are accusing the Linn Selekt of being poorly designed and susceptible to ‘noise’ on the input? I would expect a device at that price level to be of impeccable quality in that respect.

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But not if your are using a Cisco switch. Finisar does not offer Cisco compatible transceivers - that’s what I have been told. Strange that they are promoting a product on their web-site that is not compatible with Cisco. But I am not a transceiver expert :slight_smile:

I don’t know the Finisar product portfolio - but there are enough SFP vendors out there providing an opportunity to improve sound quality versus standard SFPs.

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The Linn Selekt is of impeccable quality as far as I have seen.

It’s always easier to start with a clean signal then to filter noise from a dirty one.

How would you evaluate things when in a similar setup (with an audiophile switch in form of the EtherRegen and the new Sonore Optical Module Deluxe V2 all powered by Farad Super3) instead of the LINN there is a fanless NAS (QNAP HS-453DX with SSDs) ?
I got the LUMIN U2 Mini (also with upgrade of Farad Super3) as a streamer before my Devialet amp&DAC though some say when the root of audio (ROON Server in this case) is to much involved with noise etc. things don’t get nearly any better downstream?

Many larger network maker’s want to make a large markup on fiber transceivers so they can charge 10x the market rate for them. They put microcode in the switch firmware and then license that out to people who want to sell in their ecosystem.

Many years ago HP put out an update without warning that took several of my Networks down as they cut off all 3rd part sfp vendor’s at the time. It was a disaster and many people stopped buying HP switches at that time (including me).

In theory all SFP devices should be standard and should work, in practice you have to find supported modules.

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@Michael_Harris . I did find a standard SFP that works fine with my current setup:

As @Markus_Hubner did post this comment:

I thought, let’s have a closer look. On SGC web site it says:

“The industry leading Finisar SFP module works well with Sonore systemOptique Certified products. Although many different types of fiber and SFP transceivers work with Sonore products we recommend OM1 type multi-mode fiber with LC connectors for all systemOptique certified products.”

But Finisar SFP would not work with a Cisco switch. Would have been nice, if SGC would have mentioned that on the page.

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They get enough versions that work with the Meraki / Cisco etc.
It‘s amazingly worth trying out.

There are literally 1000s of companies that makes Ethernet switches and SFPs. We can not keep track of all the different versions and what works with what.

Even if we had the manpower to try all the possible combination it would require pages and pages to publish the results.

This is why we have systemOptique certification. All systemOptique devices work together. We have tested them and guarantee compatibility.

Cisco is doing the same thing. They guarantee all their products work together and don’t support products made by other companies. In some cases their products even block a product from another manufacturer but not always.

If you want everything to work use systemOptique certified products. That way you know everything will work and sound great. You also have the option of doing some trial and error and seeing what works for you. Just make sure you are using products of the same type for example OM1 products work with other OM1 products but not OM3 products. OM3 is literally a different laser frequency!

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OM1 and early OM2 are based on LED transmission. OM3 and later use VCSEL (laser) transmission.