Introducing the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe

Introducing the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe a redesigned the original opticalModule with new features like support for all network devices regardless of speed (100/1000).


So what’s new?
Supports both 100 speed and 1000 speed network devices
Supports flow control for streaming NAA
Designed on the same form factor as the ultraRendu and opticalRendu
Compatible with the Sonore Rendu (ethernet input with USB output and SPDIF/i2s output)
Compatible with the Sonore endPoint (ethernet input with SPDIF/AES-EBU output)
Compatible with 100 speed Ethernet DACs and DDCs (PS Audio Direct Stream, dCS Network Bridge, etc.)
Compatible with any music server
Improved circuit layout
Supports the use of the Sonore dual faceplate
Includes a link LED
Includes LEDs on the ethernet connector that indicate 100/1000 speed streaming
All connections are now on the rear faceplate

Other Features
High-quality ultra low noise linear regulators
Fixed frequency high-quality ultra low jitter FEMTO oscillator
External power input jack
RJ45 connector
SFP cage with SFP fiber optic transceiver included
Power connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm (center +)
Power input: 5-9 VDC
Dimension: 3.5"x2.2"x.7"
systemOptique Certified

Rear Panel Image


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Thanks Jesus. This introduction begs the question: any sonic advantage over the non-deluxe oM?

I would get one if you needed/wanted any of the new features.

Jesus, perhaps I wasn’t clear: for those who have already purchased the standard oM – such as me – do you ascribe any sonic advantages to the new version, regardless of the new features?

I would let you guys describe the sonic advantages of one vs the other. However, in your case I would not be concerned because they are both great products.

How was the consumer feedback do far?

It’s going well.

For people that have been getting connection dropouts with their opticalrendu while using Roon, would the new opticalmodule deluxe instead of the original opticalmodule help solve this issue?

@Jesus_Rodriguez I heard version 2.1 will be coming once again available. Can you tell a bit more?

It‘s getting exciting - released. The Latest Hardware Version of the opticalModule Deluxe is Back in Stock - YouTube

Thanks @Markus_Hubner we are getting a lot of positive feed back from this video and also from customers receiving the new opticalModule

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Looks like a great product @agillis - What I need to understand where are the benefits compared to this “simple” ($) solution. Roughly I would have pay 10 times more compared the solution below. But if there are some clear benefits I would probably do that.



The opticalModule will replace the FMC (labeled Gigabit Ethernet media converter in your diagram)

The FMC you are using now is a basic off the shelf one. It has a lot of switching supplies and is feeding noise to your Linn.

Thanks @agillis - It would be nice and helpful, if you could provide me with a “noise” level comparison (measurement) between the “basic off the self” and the opticalModule. I assume you have that. Would help me a lot in my purchase decision.

Thanks - looking forward to the information.


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@Jesus_Rodriguez - Hi Jesus - Can you help with the information?

Have great WE


I had a generic FMC before too and the switch to oM V2 was great - and also the SFPs have an impact, using a Finisar.

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Torben, the information on our website is what we are making available to the public.

If cost is a big factor in your decision I would look at optimizing what you can with your existing system. In that respect, you have multiple copper wires between the unit and your audio device so I would pay close attention to the power supply.

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That is an interesting argument “If cost is a big factor in your decision …”. I will have to remember that.

If you look at my current setup - see above - than you would see that cost is not a big issue. Value compared to other solutions is the issue. If you product brings more value, compared to other solutions, I would love to buy your product. That is why I am just asking for information - see above.

But never mind - Thanks for your tip to pay attention to the power supply.

Have a nice WE


If, but if not, by all means try it out. I can tell you what I think, but you are the only person in a position to decide it’s value.

So you are accusing the Linn Selekt of being poorly designed and susceptible to ‘noise’ on the input? I would expect a device at that price level to be of impeccable quality in that respect.

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