Invisible Sonos

I have 5 Sonos (Play 1 - 3 - 5 - Connect) in the same network as the Core which and on a Synology just like my Mac which is also Core but I don’t see any Sonos.

I’m in Trial for a few more days and can see my Linn Akurate DS and stream on it, impossible to see the whole network of 5 Sonos. What should I do because I don’t understand.

Did you reboot the Roon core to see if it picks the Sonos up then?

Yes, same résult

Hopefully a Sonos owner will chip in to help, or tag Support. It is doable.

I have 2 connect mod, after Sonos stop support old model, too much problem with network, the rest my end point work fine. As long as I connect sonos something happen. No more sonos.