Invitation to vote for the logo of my new ice cream and coffee shop

Music lovers and Roonies everywhere,

This is a friendly call for help to decide upon the design of the logo for a new ice cream shop, café and bistro in Cimitarra, Santander (Colombia)…

Here the background info:

Cimitarra is a small Colombian municipality in the Santander Department with about 35.000 semi-urban population and some 15.000 more in rural settlements around the town centre, located at about 200 meters above sea level, with hot and humid rainforest climate. During all months there is usually abundant rainfall, with two peaks in April and October. The location on the eastern side of the Magdalene River valley at the foot of the eastern cordillera of the Andes mountains make this an area apt for agriculture and cattle raising. So there’s plenty of fresh tropical fruit, and every morning abundant fresh milk from local farms is on offer in the town.

A few years back, my partner bought an old house located on a stretch of land just where the road leaves the town, climbing into the mountains… On foot it’s just a few minutes to the town centre, but here few people apart from the gringo who writes these lines get around on foot… it’s mostly motorcycles because of the heat and high humidity.

Here’s a view from the house down to the little town of Cimitarra:

Last year we decided to take advantage of the local fruit and milk and start an ice cream shop. First, we developed an assortment of recipes for popsicles created 100% from fresh fruit, probiotic yogurt and inverted sugar. We don’t use any artificial colors, flavors, thickeners, stabilizers, or any other ingredients different from fresh fruit, fermented milk and sugar. We did this to have a first product which could help us getting our name out and promoting our business, while we are working on the house, where later this year the ice cream shop and café will open.

To our pleasant surprise, these fruit-yogurt popsicles are a great success… in less than two months we got from nothing to about 120 sold in 2-3 afternoon hours. This is the upper limit of our current and very artesanal production. We need to complete the construction of the house and the outfitting of its big kitchen, to be able to increment popsicle production to about 300-400/day. In principle, we could easily grow to 4 or 5 times this production volume, but want to keep things easy and smallish…

We then plan on starting production of gelato and fruit sorbet, which as product is totally new in this town and zone of the country. We will offer soft drinks, fruit juices, fresh fruit sodas, local coffee in its different ways of presentation, sweet and hearty snacks, waffles, crêpes, etc. For the ice cream shop we have a smallish first-floor area with some seating opportunity, and for the café and bistro there will be a large second-floor roofed open space, with a nice view.

Taking into account the location of the house on the first green hill just outside the town centre, and my well-known love for the greatest master of Italian early Baroque music, we decided upon ‘Monteverdi’ as name for the business. We are now working with some local designer to create a logo, some visual representation of our name and business… So, as of today we have two alternative design proposals, both rather similar, and would love to hear from people around the world what alternative they prefer, what changes they might propose, or maybe that neither design seems any good. This too seems to us a valuable feedback. We are sold on neither of the two alternatives, and are open to any opinion…

So here then the two alternatives:

Alternative 1

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 5.14.56 PM

Alternative 2

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 5.15.44 PM

Please, help us decide, and many thanks to any and all who vote and contribute!!

  • Alternative 1
  • Alternative 2
  • I really don’t like any of the two alternatives, so better get back to the drawing board and come up with something else
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The first one because the other one has no ice in it and looks a little bland in comparison. I like it.
Congrats to your life :wink:


Alternative 2, by far.
Alternative 1 has multiple issues (as I see it)…

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Good luck with your new venture, Andreas.
I think that Monteverdi is an excellent, and most apt, name for the business.
Exciting times for you!

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The mountains look like pyramids in number one and the sun looks just plain odd.

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Thanks to those who have voted and commented so far; I will keep this open during the weekend for others who may care to share their vote or thoughts. Cheers!

#2 is a bit cleaner but I think both are too busy and neither really clue me into the product on offer.


love the name.

love the colors, but both have some issues, if I’m to be picky.

I like the more intimate presentation in #1, but the sun/mountain combo looks like a face/head staring back down the mountain. slightly intimidating, which is probably not what you want.

#2 is a bit to grand in scale, and looks more alpine than Andean foothills, from my very limited perspective.

a logo that reflected a stylized view of the town, as in your photo, might be nice.

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If I am being honest, it says ‘outdoor trekking & camping’ or luggage brand to me, more than it does natural ice cream and sorbets made with fresh fruit.

Then again Toblerone has a mountain range (and a hidden bear) in it’s logo, so what do I know.

I guess it depends on the market you’re aiming for. If it’s high-end confectionary (sold internationally) then it might suit, if you’re going for fresh, natural and local I think it probably misses the mark and a rethink might be needed.

What existing brands do you feel are most akin to your products and the market you are aiming for and why?


It’s time to close this poll and to thank all of you who voted and gave your point of view and observations. This exercise has been quite useful to us, and we got some new inspiration for how to proceed from here… Thank you very much to all of you!


It’s a long way to travel for free ice cream but I presume that would be our consulting fee? :blush:

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I’d think we could offer a little more than just ice cream… So yeah of course, if you ever decide to explore these forgotten lands, you’re very welcome!

Apart from music, one of my longstanding passions has been orchid growing… Because of life circumstances, I had to give up twice on sizable species collections… but, as we say here, la tercera es la vencida, and I have already spent time on planning how to decorate the open-space terrace with many many orchids…

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I think the second one looks better, but have you considered adding something there to accentuate the foliage? That picture has a lot of green jungle, and the name kinda says “verde”, so maybe using green for an accent color makes sense.

From a design perspective, the two small stars in #2 may be an issue when printing the logo small, like on business cards. The logo sans “helados cafe bistro” and the stars is easy to print or cut from vinyl for branding materials.

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Here’s a rough idea of what I mean. Also it was bothering me that the background curve isn’t a circular arc, ellipse, or spline, and wasn’t totally flat.


Max, have many thanks for your effort! In the coming days we will have to review all new ideas and remarks from here and elsewhere with the designer and see what we can finally decide upon…

The mustard yellow and turquoise will be two colors used in the interior design of the first plant ice cream shop… the red sun should ideally be seen like a scoop of ice crean on top of a conical waffle…

Two walls will be in these colors:

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 2.32.58 PM

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 2.33.04 PM

Again thank you!!