iOS App: >3GB documents and data

Roon on my iPad is by far the most storage demanding app, taking almost 3.5 GB of the iPad‘s storage. This may lead to a problem on 16 GB devices.
Why does the app require that much of storage?

Stefan how Big is your library?
Roon stores the artwork locally (from memory) so if you have a large library it’s going to have a big impact.
I didn’t think Apple had made a 16gb iPad for a long time.

when ripping a CD, I usually scan its artwork with 600 dpi resolution and put this in the same folder. therefore artwork for a single album can easily amount to maybe 150 MB.
There was an option in the Roon app to limit the size of the image cache (Settings → System). This has been removed with the latest update.
@support: Why was the option to limit the image cache removed from the Roon app?

BTW: Apple still sold iPads with 16GB storage in 2018 (iPad Mini4 & iPad Air 2).

3gb isn’t that bad… before that last update my cache on the iPad was over 15gb. :bangbang:

Mine was clocking in at 28GB!

Stefan that makes sense, but why do you scan so large? (Mostly I see images between 600x600 up to about 1200x1200. I assume you are capturing more than the front cover.

I had not noticed that the image cache option had gone, must have stopped using it… (Or maybe I only look at that kind of thing when I am having issues). Though Roon could transcribe these images to a smaller size for mobile, but then many would want the full size on iPad. It’s a difficult one

It’s a terrible decision to sell that device, especially when you only get about 11GB free to begin with

5.39gb used on my Phone it does seem is a bit ridiculous for an app to take up that much space but then I look at PlexAmp and thats using 1.2 GB and has less views and artwork on display and it’s only looking after a small part of my library not all of it like Roon so it’s in line with other apps that cache the images for a better browsing experience.

Michael, I usually capture the whole booklet of a CD using the default settings of my scanner.
I had no requirement to resize the scanned images because a) disk space is not an issue and b) there was this option in Roon to limit the image cache size (which all of a sudden disappeared).
Also, 16GB of storage on a device which acts mainly as a remote control for TV and audio should be sufficient.

However, I now have addressed support. I’m curious what they will say.

I thought you might have done that and it’s a great idea (wish I had done that many years ago when I started ripping try them).

Are you storing them in the music files or as a PDF in the folder, as not sure how Roon treats them differently.

It’s an option that hopefully they put back for people with constrained storage on their devices.

holy christmas! Well I the brighter side of things, I guess if it uses cache it doesn’t have to use as much network so it should speed things up. And if it used less cache it’d have to consistently write more to the cache and cache writes add up as disk writes and disk writes eventually kill flash drives and that’s pretty much what an iPad is. :roll_eyes:

(not finished with my first cup of coffee yet… :grimacing:)

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I actually think thats one reason why the App just crashes permanently. My library is only 6.8GB. So it chaches that in its entirety 4 times ??

Bugware, proudly brought to you by amateurs.

Actually, I also just recently started capturing the whole booklets. Years ago, when I started ripping, I neither had the equipment nor was there Roon, which makes this so rewarding.
My scanner gives me those images as JPEG, and the go into a subfolder of the respective music folder. Inside the music files (FLAC) I just keep the cover art, which is usually provided by the ripping software, though with a much lower resolution.

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I believe roon will also recognize and display multi page pdf files, but they open in a web browser.

Keeping 28GB of images in cache just in case one of them might be required by Roon is pure overkill!
Since Roon requires a reasonally fast LAN of WLAN connection, sending a few MBs of images should not affect user experience.

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That’s why I prefer JPG. It nice to view the album art “inside” Roon.

Sound’s like you need to put more effort in to keep up with the big boys in terms of cache usage. Also it probably means that Roon might not be storing your whole library of jpeg files on your iPad in that case, as surely that would be much larger (given the size of these individual files)

I would like to have the booklets as I have the them for the 3k ish CDs I have purchased over the years, but now it seems like so much work for me