iOS Audio Endpoint Wanted


I’m testing Roon now for a few days and over all, i like it very much.
I use it on a basic 2014 Mac Mini and it works great with my library (about 1500 albums). I also use Audirvana, which i think, sound a little bit clearer, crispier. But mi greatest wish for a new feature is an iOS endpoint for my iPad or my iPhone not only for control, especially for playing the music on my headphone and my dragonfly red dac. It would be great to see this in roon.

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You are not the only one. The situation on this is discussed here.

The question of playback over iOS is an issue with how Apple want their products to be used?

I’m closing this topic on iOS playback as there’s little to be discussed. The Roon team knows that their users want it, and Roon they want to deliver it. However until either the Apple policy changes or the Xamarin cross platform library improves it simply is not possible.

The side discussion that was on MQA should take place in the exiting topics.

this was done in 1.4:

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