iOS Bridge app or a switch in present app, that enable just Roon Bridge for iOS

I’ve as well others have noticed iPhones is quite good Roon endpoints, using the Lightning to USB camera kit.

Unfortunately Roon requires iOS 11, so iPod Touch5 and other older iPhones can’t be used.

Can we have a iOS Bridge app ? Or a setting in present app to only be a Bridge?

I suppose the functionality is already there available, but if such an app would be made separately, could it then function on older devices ?

The idea with a switch setting the phone as a pure endpoint is to be able to have the endpoint available all the time. (No private zone).

This option will not benefit older devices as it would be part of the present app download. That’s why requesting an app support older iOS as well.

Don’t know if this is technically feasible.

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iOS 11 is a red herring… iOS 11 is supported on all 64bit devices back to the iPhone 5S. The Touch 5 and older-than-5S iPhones are all 32bit.

We’ve never done 32bit builds for iOS, and we don’t have any plans to start doing them.

The main point was to make an iOS brigde. Like the one for W10 as an example. Possible ?

Possible, but it wouldn’t change the iOS/CPU requirement… so what’s the point?

I guess what you’re saying is that today’s app should serve the purpose ?

Well, I think or maybe hope a dedicated brigde app may be better, cause then the iDevice should be more stable and easier to use as an endpoint. Maybe I’m wrong.

(Or just add some sort of Brigde mode functionality to present app).

A used iDevice with the CCK is a fantastic, if not the best, endpoint you can get within the price range 0 to $300.


is it not stable now?

just make the zone non-private, and you will have a zone other remotes can access.

agreed, and give it a few years and everyone will have them lying around.

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I agree it is a great endpoint.
I experimented with making it a non-private endpoint, so I could have the iPhone in my pocket connected to headphones, and still use the iPad as a control, with the idea that the larger screen makes the iPad a better UI, and I was reading on it anyway. But I abandoned that, didn’t get used.