iOS endpoints in Roon Remote 1.8?

As part of the 1.8 upgrade, iOS apps appear to be changing from “Roon” to “Roon Remote.” This indicates iOS devices are no longer functional Roon endpoints. Can anyone who has completed the upgrade confirm?

No problem playing from an iPhone 12 Pro Max or a 10.5 in iPad Pro for me. I know that doesn’t solve your issue, but I can confirm this is still a feature in 1.8. All devices have up to date iOS as well as Roon. Core is a 2012 MacBook Pro running mac OS 10.15.7 and current Roon build. A restart of core and devices usually fixes that issue for me. Good luck!

Phew! I see on the downloads page the roon remote devices are still capable of audio playback, and after a quick iOS restart it is now working for me again in 1.8. Thanks for the quick reply @kneville!

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