iOS Now Playing Support like Spotify

I noticed that Spotify is able to continue to show now playing on iPhone/iPad when controlling playback on another device. This functionality would be ideal for Roon for those looking for more immediate access to playback controls from Apple Watch, Control Centre, and Lock Screen. This implementation would end up being more convenient than developing the alternative “fast access” methods such as a Widget (harder to get to), or an Apple Watch control app.

I understand multi zone control would present issues with this method, but if playback is happening in just one zone, I don’t see an issue implementing this. What do you think?


I think this would be an awesome feature to have. Would love to be able to control basic functions right from the lock screen. But right now I’m still keeping my hopes up for iOS playback first

+1 exactly the feature I miss a lot in Roon

This would be a great feature.

I understand that at last we have this feature. Some programs let us from the Lock Screen directly like (even down vote) a song. This would be an amazing concept to have in the Lock Screen Roon UI.

If you need any examples of apps that can do this I would be happy to investigate because right now I only use Roon and can’t remember :yum: