iOS Release 207 - No Tidal Masters tab on iPhone [Answered]

My iPhone and iPad both just updated to release 1.3 build 207. The iPad is showing the TIDAL Masters tab under the new albums section, but the iPhone (iPhone 6) is not.

Did a manual delete and re-download of the app on the phone, but no change.

Any ideas?

Same here on an iPhone 7

Yep same here on the iphone7, ipad works fine!

Phone interface versus tablet interface. You cannot do all things Roon from a phone screen.


Yes I only replied to let him know it was a common thing and did not think it was a glitch but probably part of the design.

I think this is a small bug. As far as I have understood Roon philosophy, everything shall be equal on all platforms.

I would expect @support to confirm this is a minor bug.

The Masters tab is coming to the phone interface soon guys. It just missed this release :unamused:

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Thanks @mike. Product getting better all the time. I can’t believe how well this works cross platform.

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I think the iPhone version is like an older version of the iPad/laptop versions - no Focus, favourites and tags in Albums view. The Albums view is called Album Browser on the iPhone and has a lot of unnecessary space on the top. Or have I missed something - I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter_G,

The phone version is not an older version as such, it was developed after a number of users requested a “simplified” version of the tablet app that could be run on the limited screen size that phones typically have.

Hence for the full Roon experience a larger screen size is required.

I understand what you are saying. But I must say, I’m a little bit disappointed. I think two small buttons on the Album Browser grey area would not have disturbed many users. And if you, like me, would press one of those buttons to reach a new app layer with Focus or Favorites would have been magical for users like me. I have a iPad mini 4 buy planned to sell it because I’m not using it. Now I do not know :slight_smile: Any way, thank you for my favorit piece of software discovered in 2017, by far. I want to give you a big rose for creating and maintaining this software!

Hi again,

Just for clarification I don’t work for Roon, I just help out with testing and keeping the forum ticking over.
That Master’s tab may come in time on the phone app version … but full functionality parity will not due to screen size limitations.