iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released]

ARC is built on Dart/Flutter and AFAIK the regular remotes are not

Maybe model dependent? I have an iPad Pro 2022 which I think defaults to 120 (and I didn’t change that) and I never saw the issue

I just tested an Ipad 4 Air with 120Hz, and it was smooth as it should be.
So it really seems to depend on the device and its screen type, as far as i read in this thread mostly iphones with 120Hz are the problem

Same for me on my iPad Pro M1 and iPhone 14 pro…

I’m waiting for long long time to this bug be resolved.

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I am still in my test subscription but I will stopp it because of the scrolling problems with my Ipad. If Roon is not able to solve the problem, why spending money in such a product?

Same here on my iPad Pro with 120hz. Butter smooth.

Not on on my iPhone 13 Pro. Even with frame rate limited to 60hz.

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Have you rebooted the phone after setting the frame rate limit?
Otherwise it would not work

Sure did David.

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Is there any news regarding the scrolling problem on iOS?
I certainly don’t want to limit the iphone to 60hz to deal with the Roon remote problem. It can’t be true that I have to curtail a functionality on the iphone to make Roon remote scroll buttery smooth.
This jerkiness completely ruins roon for me. Mainly I listen via roon remote. For a few weeks already I use remote and thus roon no longer at all and annoyed about the money. Even more annoying I find that I hear so far nothing from the Roon technicians about it.
Is there a sticker somewhere in the forum that acknowledges the problem?
Would expect.
If the problem is not finally fixed, I will not extend the subcription.
The scrolling problem is also present on iOS 16.4.
Even on iOS 16.4, roon remote runs smoothly during screen capture recording.
Roon: now finally comes from the hip!

When will Roon finally open up for Room EQ plugins ?
This complicated room correction with REW and others is from my point of view also such a real delete.
Because this story is so complicated, professional services are now offered exactly for this reason, which should take the hassle off. This is of course very expensive.
The other way is to deal with REW.

Why is not a plugin integrated, e.g. the Room EQ from mathaudio. The measurement with it is really easy and superior to the measurement with REW. It supports full range of sample rates from 44.056 kHz up to 384 kHz.
At least offer, so that the user has the choice.
All others can go the way over REW.

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Nothing will be done about this Fritz. I believe we’re coming up to 3 years now since it’s been reported.

They’ve swept it under the rug since it’s not all users experiencing this issue.

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Yes it seems really crazy to let constantly paying users alone with such an annoying bug. As you mentioned this is noticeable every single time.

Strange enough to still see this in a time of universal apps and sophisticated development & testing tools. No other app of the hundreds I myself have used so far exposed such a bug.

Maybe some last try @noris before more and more users are leaving ROON which would be completely unnecessary as fixing this is no rocket science.


We’re sorry to hear about your issues. Could you please send @support a PM message with your account details so we can take a closer look? I haven’t been able to locate an active account in your name. According to our records, your Roon subscription expired over a year ago.

Once we have your details we’ll happily take a look. Thanks!

Hi @jamie

It’s been asked here and in other threads why this is only affecting some users, even with the same devices and running the same OS.

I don’t believe no one from your side ever clarified what seems to cause this behaviour.

Many many months and releases ago one particular build significantly improved the scrolling experience but subsequent brought the issue right back.

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Well @jamie log file / data hasn’t been a problem at all over the months, years to say this bug is present. If you need some recent data there will be a bunch of users willing to provide data immediately.

This issue has been a pain for such a long time. Roon still feels like it doesn’t belong on iOS. Choppy scrolling on 120hz devices, volume control issues, etc. Fixing this issue and the volume control problems would go a long way in making Roon a far more pleasant and premium experience.


I let my subscription expire approximately one year ago due to these never-resolved issues on iOS (choppy scrolling, volume jumping to max, etc). I came back expecting these to be resolved and there has been little to no progress, which is deeply disappointing. I guess I’ll be letting my subscription expire again.

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Attempting to read the artist bio while playing the album, every time the track changes the bio text jumps back to the beginning again and again. I must either select longer tracks or work on my speed reading skills.
The jumping about when scrolling is maddening as well.

Looks like a old problem gone unsolved, bummer

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The same goes for me.
The use is really painful with these jerky & unexpected jumps and moves.
I’ve been back on the subscription for a few months, but I’m going to stop it.
The application on my Wiim Pro is so much more pleasant and fluid. Too bad about the metadata but the user experience is really not up to par for a service that is supposed to bring something extra…

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Why do we have to pay for a software, without having any support to resolve this problem, which is known since month… sorry, years?
Please answer to our questions ROON! What is the problem?


Good luck with that my friend :upside_down_face: Many tried and failed to get an explanation.

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