iOS volume slider is missing on lock screen

I am looking for a way to easily and precisely set the playback volume. According to Lock Screen Controls on Mobile there should be a volume slider control on the lock screen, but I can’t find this setting in iOS 16. Thanks for any help!

– David
iOS lock screen no volume

I think you’re not seeing it because it’s not there.
I wonder where it went?
I just use the iPhone’s volume buttons, but BEWARE! If you were previously using your phone at high volume for some reason, the endpoint volume may be lower than the phone, and pushing the Volume Up on the phone can force parity from phone volume to endpoint volume. That could mean your endpoint will play at 100% volume quite suddenly. *
As a matter of fact, I just did this a moment ago, and now my ears are bleeding and I knocked a satellite out of orbit.

*Not a Roon-only problem. Plexamp does this, too.

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Welcome to iOS 16 no apps have volume slider.

You forgot to add the thanks Apple for helping me better use my device how you want me to use it.

I hadn’t noticed it on my iphone when using ARC in the office

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Thanks all, it does seem a popular request for Apple to restore the removed volume slider! Perhaps Roon should update their knowledgebase article though.

For a workaround, we can either 1) swipe down from the upper right corner or 2) press the side volume buttons, then swipe on the volume slider in the popup that appears.

Swiping the volume slider is very useful to adjust the volume in very small increments in order to “focus” the sound.