IP Adress for my ultraRendu network player times out

The IP address of my ultraRendu network player is timing out. I cannot play anything on Roon through the ultraRendu to my DAC, and when I go to the SonicOrbitor I cannot manage the network player as the IP adress times out there as well. Does anyone have suggestions for fixing this? I have sent a query to Sonos (Little Green Computer). Thank you.

What is providing IP addresses in your network, an ISP router or your own equipment?
Either way you should be able to.either extend the lease duration or reserve an address so it gets the same one all the time.

No sooner have I typed this and the SonicOrbiter ultraRendu IP address is no longer timing out. I was able to manage the player from within SonicOrbiter and refresh the connection with Roon. Not sure why it was timing out or what fixed it.

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I am not certain, but the IP address may have been generated through Sonore SonicOrbiter when I established the connection to Roon with the ultraRendu as the end point. The IP address does not change.

I allocate a fixed IP address on my Router for the UltraRendu, based on its MAC address.
Therefore it receives the same IP address for each DHCP lease period, so it doesn’t (can’t) change.

I prefer to have all my wired devices on assigned fixed IP addresses, so you can create a reliable network map, and in the event there is a networking problem, you know which devices is which.

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Thank you for your response. I am going to do the same. I am just now ramping up my knowledge regarding how to do this and becoming familiar with the pertinent terminology such as, “DHCP lease period.” I have a way to go but I enjoy learning more about this all the time. I was very happy it did not have to do with Roon 2.0. Thank you again.

We are Small Green Computer not little green :slight_smile:

You can always go to sonicorbiter.com to see what the IP address on your Rendu is. This IP address is assigned to the Rendu by your router.

You can go into your router and set a “static reservation” if you want it to always give the Rendu the same IP address.