iPad Air 2019 as an Endpoint feeding a USB DAC


I have been offered a good deal on an iPad Air 2019 64GB model and need to make a decision whether to buy it by the morning.

I would use it to play music directly connected into my Mscaler. As I have no knowledge of using the iPad as a remote/player and have very limited time to make a decision I would be very grateful for some guidance here. my core is on my 512GB SSD iMac late 2013.

  1. Do iPads support full lossless purple light signal path bit perfect playing with RAAT?

  2. Is the 64GB model okay to use as an endpoint that will be playing music too? some have said 128GB might be needed here?

  3. Are iOS devices playing nicely now into USB DACs etc. as I recall there were some serious issues before and the new pro models have also had problems with audio implementation etc?

  4. Finally is there anything else I should be aware of?

Many thanks to all MK.

I use both iPhone SE and iPad Air2 with a USB DAC (Chord Mojo) and get the ‘purple’ bit perfect indicator. Note that Roon only sees the iOS device and system sounds will be heard if enabled.

Storage capacity has no bearing on Roon playing; my iPad is the 32GB version.

I’ve been using iOS/ Mojo for well over a year now with no problems, but I recommend you use the official Apple Camera Adaptor; other makes have been hit ‘n’ miss.

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many thanks that goes a long way towards putting my concerns here at ease.

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