iPad Air not connect to Core

my iPad Air doesn’t connect with PC Windows 7, with iMac no problem and the iPad find iMac as Core but it’s a client, a PC Windows 7 is a Core. I tried with PC IP and Host name but nothing. Any suggestion?

thanks a lot


Hi Fabrizio,

Disable any firewall on the Windows machine and see if the iPad can find it then. If so, then configure the firewall to permit access by Roon and RAATServer and re-enable it. If not, we can look into other possibilities.

Hi Andrew,
I solved, there was a conflict between PC and MAC :joy:

thanks a lot

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Hello Andrew,
it all seemed to work, but nothing. I moved to the Core on an iMac, but same thing. iPad Air 2 initially sees the iMac but does not connect, suggestions?

thank you so much

Is there a firewall on the iMac ? Try the same thing.

I think the problem is in the network, I have two different access points, one in the house and it works, while that in the store (I have a hi-fi shop) none. I try to look in the router,

Thanks anyway

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