iPad Air or Mini for Roon Remote


I am using an iPhone 11 as a remote but would prefer to use a tablet.

An iPad Pro is way too expensive so I have ruled that out. Is the experience of the Mini versus the Air much different? For a remote I am thinking the Air might be too big.

Has anyone got photos or videos of Roon Remote 1.8 running on either of these devices?

Thanks in advance,

I use an iPad Mini 5 as my primary Roon Remote. If you like the form factor of the Mini, you will like it for use with Roon. The 1.8 firmware update finally added support for portrait mode so now I have absolutely no complaints.

Dirty screen but you get the idea…

Thanks for the quick response. Didn’t know it did portrait now too - that’s awesome. Thanks!

Works great on my iPad Mini 4 although I don’t use it much. I prefer my laptop.

I have a couple of Amazon Fire HD 10s in different rooms dedicated just for Roon. About $95 each and while I wouldn’t want this as a tablet, it’s perfect for this task.

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Depends on your use. I have a mini4 and a pro 12.9 ( why you ask, the battery in the mini is gone after 6 years continual use, I replaced for a big birthday present !)

The 12.9 only gets used when “in my chair” listening, the mini for everything thing else around the house.

The 12.9 is BIG, it’s a wonderful experience but not very carry-able.

The mini is still a great experience, can’t speak for the Air but would guess excellent, I would personally go bigger rather than smaller

Thanks everyone.

The Fire HD 7, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus all also work great as Roon remotes. Just make sure that you get the latest model.

Another vote for iPad mini 5. Expensive, but excellent. If price is not a big concern, this is a great choice. I don’t ever see going back to a full size iPad.

I also use a Fire HD 8. The HD’s are best bang for the buck by far. It would drive me nuts to use it as a tablet, but mounted undercabinet in the kitchen, dedicated to Roon (and weather) it works well enough that it doesn’t get replaced.

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You can get some good deals on refurbished iPads off the Apple site. It doesn’t have to be the latest one to perform well as a remote.

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Indeed. They only have mini 5s refurbed at the moment and still ÂŁ339. I know the Amazon Fire HD are good value but my son has one and I think the screens are below par.

Gonna think on it a little longer. Maybe I can grab a bargain on eBay…

Can you post 1.8 screen shots of the Fire HD10? I found the iPad mini screen shots above very useful…


This is my iPad Mini 4 in portrait…

Here are a couple of shots of the Amazon Fire HD 10 in action. I prefer portrait, given the dimensions of the tablet.

I “pin” the app so that when you turn on the tablet or open the cover, you see what you see in these pix.

The Fire tablet is a little wonky - frequent updates, occasional crashes - but overall it saves me a ton to use three of these in my Roon rooms compared to the cost of the (otherwise much preferable) iPad.

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IPad Mini makes a perfect Roon remote, especially now that portrait mode is available.


Thanks all. I was pretty set on an iPad Mini but then got a cracking deal on an iPad Air 4 at 20% below the RRP so I went for that.

For the main room where I’ll use Roon (home of my soon-to-be-Roon-Ready KEF LS50W2s), I talked my wife into retiring her iPad Air, got her a new one, and conscripted the old one into service. When you put the iPad into Guided Access mode and use a Smart Cover, the cover opens to an always-on, always-Roon screen.

As much as the Amazon tablet is a nice economic solution for multi-room Roon users, I am happy to have a full-fledged iPad in service as one of my Roon remotes!