iPad app Looking for Remote Libraries

I can’t get the ipad to connect. I have Roon open on my iMac. I’ve also looked in settings and found IP address and plugged it into app and no luck. I usually use Roon while sitting at mac with headphone setup, so not urgent but did want to see what all the fuss is about and would like to use in future if control Apple Tv.

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Hi @iamoneagain, I have an iMac and it worked perfect for me right away. I started the app and it showed my library instantly.

Edit: I should have inquired first: Did you go into Setting then Setup on your iMac and select Accept Connections from Remotes to Yes?

Might want to restart your iMac and start up Roon again. Also, make sure your iPad is on the same network as your iMac, just in case you have more than one.

Cheers, Greg


Brilliant! As soon as I set Roon on my MacBook to accept remote connections, the remote app found my library instantly. Now to explore… :grinning:

Hello Greg,

The logic is indisputable. I always appreciate the basis that drives that logic: 1. Is it plugged in? 2. Is the power on? My variation on the theme…

With appreciation,

This is what I would check first @iamoneagain – let us know if that’s not it, ok?

Yep, it’s working now. Pretty cool remote.

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