iPad App Storage Filling

Roon storage is filling my iPad to the point that I have to delete app and start over. I have been using an iPad as remote for Windows desktop for years and now ROCK for the past three years. This app storage issue is a new problem as of a few months ago.

It fills to19GB which is when the iPad pops up stating I need to clean it up. I paid attention this last time and it is adding about 4KB each time I listen. So after about 6 days I am up to 1.4GB in storage.

I have had Qobuz for two years. Don’t know if Qobuz causes this?

I have always had two hard drives plugged into the ROCK motherboard, with just over of music. So there was no change in the set up coneciding with the iPad app storage.

Anyone have any idea how to control this without deleting? It is an iPad 6 model A1893 with 32GB. It is version 14.6. Bought for Roon Remote and never gets used for anything else,

Thanks Ed

I suspect its the the cached data like album art etc… my iphone roon app is currently at 2.4gb - i use it mostly as the main roon client - and its linked with my tidal.

Not sure there is much you can do about that ?



Do a cold start on the device.

I’m not sure this is the same problem you are having, but I was running out of iCloud quota until I followed the instructions on the “Choose which apps to back up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch” section of Apple’s documentation to turn off Roon’s iCloud backup on my iPad.


Thank you, this makes sense because it asked me about the cloud back up a few days before it shuts down. I will reply with results for the community after I try it.


This was not the problem, I do not use the back up the ipad. Only back up the main computer. Thanks anyway.

What I found is that by default, iOS backs up to iCloud all the data that Roon caches locally to improve Roon remote performance. This has nothing to do with Roon Core backups.