iPad as dedicated device?

Recently started using Roon and have lifetime subscription.

I’m interested in setting up an iPad mounted to the wall as a permanent “control hub” for Roon and potentially other household automation devices in the future.

I’m sure others have done this, interested if anyone can suggest a guide, share some experience or offer any advice on how to do this?

Thank you.

I’m not sure what you exactly mean. But usually you would install the roon app for iPad. Then, connecting to your roon server. And that’s it mainly.
If you think about integrating certain roon functions into a completely different multi-purpose control application, I don’t know if this is possible.

If you want to lock the iPad to just the Roon app:

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I understand if I run the Roon app in the foreground and just stick it on the wall I’ll have the ability to control it, but I guess I was wondering if the API allowed integration into other apps such as Hubitat to allow some combined home integration activity without forcing the Roon app to take up the whole screen.

For example a dashboard which allowed skip tracks, start preconfigured playlists or adjust volume, but still seeing other items (in Hubitat) such as temperature and lighting controls.

Basically getting outside the Roon app but still having integration and control of the Roon Server.

Works in home assistant to a certain degree.


I’ll look in there, I figured that was for the big boys with expensive professional setups given the title. I’m just a home user that has a small amount of stuff automated! But thank you.

Would you explain your use case - is there a HA API that you used? I’ve never toyed with HA, but read a lot about it.

I don’t use it was just saying home assistant has Roon integration for automation etc. others are best to say what it allows @gTunes uses it I believe.

Hi, @Paul_Prior.

@Simon_Arnold3 is correct - I do use Home Assistant with Roon. Our own @GregD maintains the Roon integration.

Home Assistant is easy to stand up on a Raspberry Pi or the Yellow/Green boxes the Home Assistant folks sell. You can also run it in Docker, but I prefer the dedicated hardware approach because it’s easier to connect hardware to it including things like Zigbee antennae.

If you’re already familiar with home automation, I don’t think HA will be overwhelming at all. It’s a hobbiest, not a professional installer, platform.

The work @GregD did on Roon integration would probably allow you to create the dashboard your’re envisioning. HA allows for the creation of custom dashboards. Roon endpoints show up as media devices that can be placed on dashboards. @GregD’s integration not only displays transport controls but also displays album art. Here’s a section of my dashboard that shows the light control for my main bath as well as the controls for the Roon player in that same room:

I also use HA to create physical volume/transport controllers (similar to what you’d get with rooDial). My current favorite are the Philips Hue Tap Dials which have spinning volume control rings and four customizable buttons. I turn three buttons into transport controls and use one for lights.

The decals you see on these are my own creation :slight_smile:

In any case, lots of fun stuff you can do with HA and if you give it a shot, there are folks here, including me, who can help.

Thanks for the kind words @gTunes.

I think Home Assiatant does a pretty good job of the basic controls, starting playlists - play / pause etc.

I use Ikea remote controls to do this (via home assistant)

There is a basic media browser, but what I was able to implement isn’t perfect - and in any case the roon browser is pretty fantastic and hard to match. I was going to post a screenshot - and saw that artwork seems to be missing - looks like there is a bug I need to fix!

It’s pretty inexpensive to try home assistant. You just need a Raspberry Pi and an SD card. You should be up and running with roon integrated in less than an hour.