iPad as endpoint connected to Chord Mojo

Having read a few threads about using the iPad as a Roon endpoint, I just got the ipad camera connection kit lightning to USB in order to use the iPad as a Roon endpoint and stream to my Chord Mojo.
Unfortunately no joy so far

  • I cannot see the Chord Mojo attached to the iPad in the Roon audio settings. I can only see the iPad
  • Music only comes out of the iPad speakers

Are there any settings where I have to turn on the Mojo as an audio device. Or am I missing something else. I know others are using the Mojo connected to an iPad.

The iPad is the 2017 version.

On my iPad Air 2 I first enable the iPad in Roon Settings, then plug in the Mojo and switch on. Music will then play through the Mojo. Note that the iPad is the output device.

Are you using a genuine cameras adaptor? I find third party products unreliable.

Thanks @Martin_Webster
I have written to the supplier of the adapter whether it is genuine apple. As it does not have the little camera symbol on it, I suspect it may be a third party product, which would explain the behavior.
I can get the iPad to recognize the Mojo if I follow your sequence. I can even play music to the Mojo at the correct samplerate, but after around 10 seconds the iPad loses the connection.
Just out of interest, does your iPad as a roon endpoint stream DSD to the Mojo as DSD or does it convert to PCM?
If I try to play DSD while the connection works, the iPad immediately reverts to its onboard speakers.

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Yes, you can play DSD (DoP) but will need to change this under device settings. Otherwise, Roon will convert to PCM.

The supplier has confirmed that he sent me a third party product. A genuine Apple adapter is now on its way. I will report back.

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I’m using the Apple adapter with a Chord Hugo 2, with a variety of iDevices. Works great.

There have been times when the iPad didn’t notice the Audio device. Not a Roon problem, iPad. Unplug and replug solves it,

My default use of Roon is iPhone 8 Plus>Mojo.

It works (almost) perfect.


I think you need the Poly to make that Mojo its own endpoint, visible as such in Roon, otherwise its the iOS device you are streaming to: you won’t see the Mojo as an option in Roon Endpoints. Which of course is significantly more expensive than a camera connection kit. :money_mouth_face:

Although that looks like it might have issues of its own that may or may not be worked out on the Chord side of the implementation looking at this old thread.

This isn’t essential; unless you want to turn the Mojo into a DAP. Also, you still need a phone as Control when using the Poly with Roon. I pair my Mojo with an iPhone and it’s great, but only reliable with the Apple Camera Adaptor.

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The original Apple lightning to USB adapter is here and lo and behold, it works without a hiccup all the way up to

  • 24/352.8 kHz PCM
  • DSD256

The Roon signal path shows no modification of the original signal on the way to the USB output of the iPad.
Problem solved, thanks

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About iPhone/iPad and Mojo I met two issues:

  • limited at 24bit
  • it’s not real bit-perfect

Even if the volume of iOS is disabled when connected to Mojo, every settings about audio (i.e. l/r balance) is still working.

Limited to 24 bit an issue? Really? Why?

It’s not bit perfect … Roon sends a bit-perfect to my Chord Mojo. Are you referring to system sounds during playback? What’s your signal path show?