Roon and Chord Poly

Got a Chord Poly for my Mojo last week and have been having problems using it as an endpoint. Works fine on Airplay, but that’s not why I bought it!

Anyone else having similar issues or have suggestions?


Looking at the manual, you’ll need to connect the Poly to your Wifi network (which you probably have done already, since Airplay is working) and select ‘Roon mode’ in playback mode:

Your Poly/Mojo should appear as RoonReady device in Roon Settings > Audio – waiting to be enabled in Roon.

Did that, no joy. Can’t stream Tidal or local content, says Poly is not yet certified, hopefully when it is it will work things out!?

Can you provide a screenshot of Settings > Audio?

Let’s ask @support for an update about Poly’s certification status.

Turn off your firewall if any on… Windows firewall will cause a device to be seen but uncertifiable. This was the case with PS Audio DS DAC Jr when it was certified but Roon on Windows with firewall on - and even with Roon related Apps allowed in the rules.

Two things can be happening here: either certification is finished and Roon will update its status in the next release (that’s how things should be, as Chord is clearly shipping the devices already) – or the certification has not yet finished and the RoonReady implementation is having issues (which would be bad).

What happens exactly when you try to play a local track to ‘Listening Mojo’?

Thanks, using OSX

I get a message"Cannot play track due to hardware problems"

OSX too has a firewall option that should be off to be sure with Roon. I no longer have the DS so I can’t validate the firewall impact (nor any other Roon certified DAC for that matter).

I haven’t seen that message before, but that does not bode well. Let’s wait for what Roon has to add.

Thanks. Been tearing my hair out!

Hi @Edwin_Tierney,

Certification is all about finding and fixing these kinds of bugs in private before they make it out into the world.
It’s too bad that Chord let this into your hands before it was done with the certification process.

We will follow up with them. Until it’s certified, I’m afraid we’re unable to provide support.

@robdarling, take note.

I am using a CHORD Poly with Mojo here since about a week, using it with Roon (uncertified) without greater problems. Over on there is a big thread for Poly where also John Franks of Chord and others of the company do great support for the device. I recommend to head over to Head-Fi and read the last three or 4 Pages.

There seems to be an update in the wings which will be eventually out in a few days from CHORD which works out a few kinks in the Firmware of Poly. Also, the GoFigure App (still in development) will bring a lot more convenience switching between modes (Roon/DLNA/uPnP/MPD). I am using poly currently with Roon (very good), Audirvana via DLNA (best). Also TIDAL sounds great via Audirvana with the first unfolding of MQA in Audirvana.

If you have any questions i will gladly try to help.


Thanks for your help. Hopefully they will sort this out.

I am listening to Audirvana via DLNA right now on my Poly using the Audirvana iOS app as a remote. It all works but it takes some fiddling around. I got my Poly yesterday and spent about 3 hrs configuring, failing and configuring again. Roon was never a problem, I am using my home network or an iPhone hotspot network. I had to take special characters out of my iPhone SSID (name) to get Poly to link up. Roon works great too on the Mac but only on my home network. Since the iPhone can’t be a core I need to set up my MacBookPro as a core for a mobile network, but I can’t do that since we can only have one core as I understand it and I use a an Intel NUC-Roon Rock as my core for the home network. I will contact Roonlabs support directly and ask if I can have switchable cores. Have I missed something here? The new software e update for Poly due out anytime may also help with Roon and other connections.

Bruce, you can switch cores at any time. If you use your Roon License on your NUC-Core you can’t use it on your MacBook and vice versa, so one licence is only usable on one Core/Server at the same time.

Thanks Bernd! I’ll give it a try when I’m traveling. I will create a network from my iPhone’s hotspot that has the MacBookPro running the core on the hotspot network. I was about to try that yesterday but the warning that came up when I booted on that network left me the impression I couldn’t switch without another license. If I see it again I will take a screen shot an post it. I admit I was kind of surprised because in the past–before I moved to the NUC-ROCK system–I was able to switch cores. In fact I migrated from an older Airbook to my present MacBookPro. I’ll report back how it works.