iPad black or white bezel?

I am looking to buy an iPad Pro 9.7 for Roon . Would you recommend going with the black or white bezel?
Thanks … Tony

Hi , just realised I can have light or dark in settings.
Please disregard

I actually prefer white bezel w/ dark Roon theme

and the biggest ipad pro is soooooooooooooooooooo nice for Roon, the 9.7 is fine, but the 12.9 is amazing… and you can use it both portrait and landscape

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Thanks Danny , obviously you’re in the lucky position to have experienced all the tablet sizes. My only concern is , do you find the 12.9 a bit big to scroll around , it’s only going to be used for Roon

I find the size pretty spectacular for Roon – the artist and album details screens feel like a nice magazine page.

You see quite a few tiles in the browsers too.

I usually like Roon in landscape, but the details screens look so good in portrait on it – that is specific to the big 12.9" since the 9.7" is forced to be landscape in Roon (not enough horizontal space in portrait).

I am fine with the size, and I only use the tablet for 2 things… Roon and YouTube Kids for my 2 year old.

Apple has a pretty stress free 14 day return policy (which is a bit longer now due to the holidays) – just make sure you buy from Apple (an official Apple store or online at apple.com). You can mail it back or you can take it into the store to return it.

This is an expensive machine, and it’s worth getting it right – I’d be surprised if you found the 12.9" hard to use, but if you can budget it, I’m sure you would have envy if you didn’t try it out :smile:

And do you have a specific cover or stand that you use with it ? Appreciate your input as always .

I purchased this case for my ipad pro 9.7 a couple of months ago…I like it.

Don’t use a cover, but I have this stand that I find quite functional and pleasant on the eyes: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V807B62/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_xEouybXYQZ9KX

Would absolutely recommend the iPad Pro. It’s quick, has a great display and is very easy to handle as a Roon remote.

I recently bought a 9.7" iPad Pro (because my old iPad is flying around in an Icelandair plane), and I got Apple’s Logi BASE stand. It’s great because it uses a new connector on the iPad for charging, you just put the device on the stand and it magnetically aligns and charges. No more futzing with cables and tiny jacks.

The iPad has caught up with the kind of docks laptops have had since the turn of the century.

I love it. And it supports the big one too.

oh wow, that is really nice… same position/formfactor as the wooden one i like, but charging!

Thanks Anders , that looks like a great stand

Black, I find that watching movies or series, a black bezel works best for me.
The white is too shiny, where the black one, does not interfere so much with the experience.