Ipad endpoint with Schiit Eitr

I just updated all my Roon software on all my devices and tried to use my Ipad mini as an endpoint connected to a Schiit Eitr. Unfortunately I kept getting the “Roon lost control of the audio device” message each time. I took the Eitr out of the chain and connected the Ipad directly to the Schiit Modi Dac and it worked perfectly. Is this expected? Anyone else who can try and see if it works for them.

Can you play any music from ITunes via the shiit eitr?
Try that first. It sounds like an IOS driver issue

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Do you mean the Apple Music app in the ipad? I can connect with my MacBook Air without issue.

Yes, but does it play via the usb out of the ipad to the eitr? In other words, can you play all sound output of the Ipad through the eitr, connected to the Ipad?

Oh okay. Well I tried playing sound through other ways and there wasn’t any. Must be something between the ipad and the Eitr.

Yes, exactly what I thought. All the so called driverless interfaces are not driverless at all. They rely on the build in drivers of the OS. These are generic drivers for the chipset being used i.e. the well known Xmos. While windows, linux and OSX have a lot of these drivers it is not so sure for Android or IOS. As far as I know the eitr does not use a very common receiver chip (I could be wrong here) so it is highly possible it won’t work on android or IOS. Maybe shiit can provide a solution.