iPad (iOS / iPadOS) iCloud Backup Storage Size Looks Quite Large

My iPad is showing nearly 1GB of backup for the Roon App.
What is being backed up and do I need it?


Check your library backup size it may well be 1G for a big library.

Is that 1gb of a single backup or multiple backups in a directory?
As to why you need it. If you have a database corruption then without the backup you would have to start from scratch, all of your changes from minute 1 lost.

Hi Ged, for a Roon core yes but not for a Roon remote running on an iPad.
I’ll ask the the OP to clarify what they are viewing as from what I can see, the Roon app does not use cloud storage.

Hi @John_Best,

Could you post a screen capture of what you are seeing.

Looking at my iPad Air 2 with Roon Remote I see:

Settings --> General --> iPad Storage
Roon is using circa 870MB (265 MB application, 603 MB data).

Settings --> Account --> iCloud
Roon is not listed as using any iCloud storage for data.
(Which is what I expected as there is no real need to persist this data in cloud as it is rebuild on reinstallation).

I read it that they were seeing the roon server library backups using the iPad to view the files. Not the client on the iPad. But who knows :blush:

Thanks for your replies. I understand of course the necessity for the Core backup, which in my case is 8.5 Gb - with a large classical library I’ve spent hours amending metadata. In fact I’ve had to restore my source files after a RAID card failure, so I’m due to restore the database at some point today, fingers crossed!

In iPad storage I have App 266 MB, Data 862 MB = 1.13 GB

Screen cap of the iCloud backup showing 820 MB

I’ll have a look at mine when I get home. Looked up my Android roon footprint 424 KB…

That’s interesting. I had no idea the IOS Roon backup was so big. This is mine.

A quick search shows ~1GB is typical for Roon over time.
A couple of things to try:

  1. Settings -> Setup -> Clear Image Cache -> Clear Cache
  2. Delete and re-install the app (!).

Does this make a difference?

I’m just interested to know what it’s backing up. I would have though it only needed login and a few bits and pieces, since surely it gets everything it needs from the Core each time?

I might have to pay the 47p (UK) a week or whatever it is to go to 50Gb iCloud …

I pay £0.79** per month for 50GB… I needed it for all the photos on our iDevices.

Quite right, Carl. I was just making it up!

To finish the story on Apple TV in case anyone’s interested, the gen3 TV, the one with the optical out, has stopped updating at ios 7.4, so maybe not supported anymore. Pure coincidence that it stopped working today, a different problem altogether with the Meridian G91 it’s plugged into.

Hi @John_Best,

I checked with the technical team and the 1GB of data being backed up is likely cached images such as album/artist covers. You don’t need to backup the Roon iOS app via iCloud if you don’t wish to do so, all the images should be retrieved if you reinstall the iOS app. Please do keep regular backups of your Core database though.

Thanks for following up, useful information.

Thanks for this topic. My Roon backup space nearly became 4gb and i needed to buy more space. I now disabled it and everything works fine

Thanks for this! Same here on iPad mini, Roon was taking 3.6Go of the 5Go free iCloud plan I am using. I have disabled this useless backup.

Is it correct that the iPad app is 420Mb?
Why is it the largest app ever on my iPad?

Can it not be made to be a little smaller…it is just a remote right?

Hi @AndyP, I’ve moved your post into the topic, have a read … hopefully it will answer your questions.

Was 3.6GB for me. :frowning:

Please let your technical team read the Apple documentation of how to exclude files/folders from iCloud backup: Apple Developer Documentation

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