iPad Mini vs. Air for Roon Remote

I’m looking at grabbing one or the other to use as a remote. I’d prefer as small a form factor as possible (but larger than my iPhone). Does anyone have any experience with the newer Mini and how well it functions in regards to usability?

I have a late 2019 iPad Mini which is used almost exclusively as a Roon Remote. It’s a perfect size, for me, being quite handy, light, and portable but still having a large enough display to easily browse and select what to play. As a bonus, with headphones it makes a pretty good-sounding portable Roon endpoint.


That’s good to know. I was thinking of using it as a “display” that I could prop up near my stereo as well when I’m not selecting music.

I use an iPad mini and a 12.9 pro. I have an S52 Android phone which I NEVER use simply not enough screen

I principally use the pro sat in my “listening chair” , the mini to run Bluetooth speakers in the kitchen.

I used the mini all the time then splashed out on the Pro

My vote is the bigger the better, screen space does count , it depends how mobile you are when using a remote.

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Not super mobile. I live in an 800 square foot apartment so it would really only be used in my living room or kitchen which are adjacent to each other.

Then “go big young man” :grin:

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Probably for the best. The Air is probably big and powerful enough. I really wouldn’t be using it for much outside of casual browsing, movie watching, and Roon Remote.

The pro was a bit special, my 70th birthday present , otherwise ?

I forgot I get an Educator’s Discount as well, so there’s $50 I’ll be saving.

Interesting post, I’ve had a stand mounted 12.9, dedicated roon remote, as part of our entertainment system for a couple of years now. I find the screen size useful for music selection as well as navigating through the Roon menus. My laptop docked with 27 in monitor provides more screen size and is convenient for controlling the office and Kitchen playback.

I can move the stand mounted 12.9 to any room in the house but I find myself wanting another smaller remote for the back end of the house. My note 9 android works fine but requires too much swiping to find what I want. Maybe the mini is the answer for that.

I had a reported issue with the 12.9 not working with roon for local music playback when the internet is down. I’m guessing the mini would be in the same boat. Anyone know if that has been addressed?

I just picked up a new iPad Air and a smart folio for it. Works flawlessly and the size is perfect.

I prefer the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 as a remote, it does everything iPad does, but it is also a real laptop with Windows 11.

Well, I already have a 2019 MacBook Pro and my Roon Core is a Mac Mini (on top of owning a desktop PC), so I prefer to stay in that ecosystem for now.

ipad pr0 is great,luv mine but as a roon remote definitely big no right now as it has massive problems with lag and micro stutters

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Haven’t run into a single one of those issues yet. Smooth as silk.

Ok? I’m not having the issue so…I don’t know what to tell you.

in my view my 5th gen iPad mini makes a perfect remote. I had a larger iPad but found the form factor was a little cumbersome so I sold it. Would love to own the latest mini but cant justify the upgrade yet.