iPad or tablet for Roon remote only

What is important here?

The discussions here are from the year 2017, so there are any changes? I have a W10 PC as a core and about 2500 albums, growing. On my old iPad one, that have a crack on the glass right now, the storage was about 5,5 GB only for Roon, so the storage is saturated (16GB).

I have no preference for iPad or tablet right know, the picture should be nice and storage should be enough (How much I need?).

Changing/saving data from an tablet is easier as with iPad as far I know.
Please give me some advice, headlines practical experiences. I guess a wifi only is enough?

iPad classic and Amazon Fire 10+ both work well.


I am successfully using an iPad mini4 with 64GB wi fi only - before that I was using the 7th gen basic iPad with 32gb wi fi only and it worked just as well. I also have a win10 core btw.

I primarily use an iPad 8th generation with 32GB. If that’s being charged or otherwise occupied I use an iPad Mini 5 with 64GB. Both are wifi only and both work well.